1 cup of hot water to relieve dry eyes

original title: a cup of hot water teaches you to relieve dry eyes.

your eyes will inevitably feel dry when you play with your mobile phone or work in front of your computer for a long time. Especially in dry autumn and winter, after half a day’s work, you may feel blurred vision and burning eyes, which may be the door for dry eye.


dry eyes are different from dry eyes


. Outdoor activities are reduced in winter, the indoor air is dry, and people are used to using computers and playing mobile phones for a long time. Many people have dry eyes. However, dry eye is only a symptom, and dry eye is a disease. Dry eye is a clinical manifestation of dry eye.

there is a tear film on the surface of our eyes, which is an ultra-thin tear layer covering the surface of our eyes, Tears are coated on the eye surface through blinking movement (blinking), which can lubricate, moisten, protect, antibacterial and nourish the eye surface.

if the tear film is abnormal, such as the rupture time is too short and the quality and quantity of tears are insufficient, it can not lubricate the eye surface, which will cause eye discomfort, that is, dry eye disease.

1 cup of hot water will help you relieve dry eyes

to deal with dry eye, the first thing we should change is our living habits.


when looking at things, close your eyes and rest every half an hour to ensure sufficient lighting brightness; More outdoor activities, adhere to exercise and enhance immunity; With a pair of appropriate glasses, if you feel you can’t see clearly, you must wear glasses and don’t force your eyes; Pay attention to eye hygiene. Do not rub or wipe your eyes with paper towels in places with large dust, oil fume and poor sanitary environment; Quit drinking, quit smoking, stay up late, keep regular and adequate sleep; Humidifier can be used indoors with dry air.

at the same time, there are many objects within our reach, such as water cups. When the eyes are dry, pour a cup of hot water and fumigate the eyes through steam, which can improve the symptoms of dry eyes to a certain extent.

friends with dry eye symptoms can fumigate their eyes with hot water and steam 2-3 times a day for 5-10 minutes each time.