10 great exercises to improve your eyesight naturally

With the accelerated pace of social life, the increasing pressure of work, air pollution, chemical substances, excessive use of eyes, malnutrition, eye disease, poor use of eyes habits, etc. may be the main reasons for your vision decline. Here’s 10 best eye exercises to improve vision naturally.

  1. Turn eyes

Choose a quiet place, or sit or stand, relax, clear away distractions, open your eyes, keep your head and neck still, just turn your eyes. First gaze down, slowly turn to the left, then turn to the top, then to the right, and finally return to the bottom,In this way, turn clockwise for 9 turns.

Then let the eyes turn from staring down to right, to top, to left, and then back down. In this way, turn counterclockwise for 6 times. Four times in all. Every time you turn your eyes, you should try to reach the limit. This method can exercise the eye muscles, improve nutrition, make the eyes flexible and bright.

  1. Eye breathing and concentration
Eye breathing and concentration improve your eyesight

Choose the place with fresh air, or sit or stand, relax all over the body, look at the front of the two eyes, slowly inhale the air, then open eyes wide , stop for a moment, then slowly exhale the air, then slowly close your eyes, and do it 9 times

  1. Eye ironing
Eye ironing improve your eyesight

This method is better to sit and relax, close your eyes, and quickly rub your palms together to make them hot. Cover your eyes with your hands while they are hot. After the heat is gone, take your hands off suddenly, and open your eyes at the same time. This method can promote blood circulation of your eyes for 3 to 5 times, and promote The new supersedes the old

4.eye wash

After disinfecting the basin, pour in warm water, adjust the water temperature, put the face in the water, open your eyes in the water, make the eyeballs move up and down left and right for 9 times respectively, and then rotate clockwise and anticlockwise for 9 times. At first, the water enters the eyes, the eyes are very uncomfortable, but with the rotation of the eyes, the eyes will slowly feel very comfortable. When doing this, if you feel hard to breathe, you may as well lift your face from the basin and take a deep breath outside. This method can wash away the harmful substances and dust in the eyes, and it is also effective for light cataracts, and can improve the degree of ametropia of astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia.

  1. Eye wash with warm and cold water

As we all know, the interactive use of warm boiled water or cold water bath can make the body blood flow smoothly and help to promote the natural healing power. The same is true of eye washing. In order to promote blood circulation around the eyes, or improve the function of hair like muscles. This method can be carried out at home at any time. If we persevere, we will get great results. (after eye washing with cold water, prepare warm water and steamed towel, and repeatedly use warm and cold water eye washing method in turn, which is really effective for relieving tension and fatigue of eye muscles.

  1. Night sky gaze

Gazing at the night sky is not just about gazing at the stars. Look at one star for 2-3 seconds, then the other. Repeat and practice. The cold winter night has a good stimulation for the eyes. At the same time, the clear, bright and quiet night sky also has an excellent effect on the eyes. Getting up in the morning, clearing the air and gazing at the distant mountains are also good eye training methods.

  1. Flash method

Flash method is to look away for a moment to see something. All in all, I swept the meaning in a hurry. Everyone who has poor eyesight will have a bad habit of staring, so it is very effective to train eyesight with the help of flash method. Despise scanning something quickly, and then close your eyes to recall what you see. Pay attention not to be too nervous and reluctant, but to see things and eyesight.

  1. Viewpoint moving method

It’s a way to shift attention from one point to another. Observe something analytically. People with normal vision usually observe things in this way. This is the original structure of the eye. If the eye does not see with the heart, it seems that it cannot cultivate normal vision. Vision is connected with the heart. Practice: when watching regular TV, don’t stare at the whole picture in a trance, but watch it from top right to bottom left, from top to bottom, from center to top left, while changing the viewpoint rapidly. When moving your eyes, you don’t always use the same way. Sometimes you can use the opposite line, remember to blink and watch it easily.

  1. Digital method
eye exercises for myopia

It is a way to use the number on the calendar, clock, magazine or signboard to carry out viewpoint movement exercise, so as to restore vision. Why numbers? Because the number is the most simple text, but also because even if the depth of myopia, can identify the number and its shape, here, can be used to self-test and judge. For example, if you hang the calendar at the height from your eyes, you can see clearly: face the calendar, remember a number, then close your eyes and move to the left, then move to the face of the calendar, open your eyes and find the number in your heart. Close your eyes again, move to the right, and follow the instructions. So back and forth around the exercise vision.

  1. Batting method
10 ways to improve your eyesight

For example, watch Golf and bowling. Exercise your eyes. You can also throw a small ball (object) with your left and right hands. Your eyes move with the object. It’s also a way to improve your vision by making your eyes move flexibly

The above is the “training tips for restoring your eyesight” which tells you 10 ways to improve your eyesight . I hope it will help you. If you want to learn more about it, please pay attention to us

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