16 folk prescriptions effectively treat myopia

Abstract: what folk prescription can treat myopia? What are the folk prescriptions for treating myopia? 16 folk prescriptions are effective in treating myopia. Let’s have a look!

  1、 Medlar porridge (traditional Chinese medicine prescription)


indications: liver deficiency, dark eyes, tears in old age, dizziness, etc. formula: 30g medlar seeds and 100g soybeans. Usage: cook it as porridge.

2. Pig liver porridge (folk prescription)

Indications: pannus membrane, fulminant fire eye, retinal hemorrhage, iridocyclitis. Formula: 200g shepherd’s purse, 100g rice. Usage: the same as porridge.

  3、 Pig liver porridge (folk prescription)

indications: various chronic asthenic eye diseases. Formula: 100 ~ 200g fresh pig liver, appropriate amount of rice. Usage: wash and chop pig liver, cook it well with rice, and eat it with seasoning.

4. Qi Shi porridge (traditional Chinese medicine prescription)

Indications: various deficiency eye diseases, liver deficiency, freckles. Formula: 20g Lycium barbarum fruit, 30g Euryale ferox, appropriate amount of rice. Usage: cook until thick and rotten, add seasoning to eat.

  5、 Yinqi Mingmu Decoction (folk prescription)


are mainly used to treat myopia due to deficiency of liver and kidney. Formula: 20g tremella, 20g medlar and 10g jasmine. Usage: Decoction of the above-mentioned water decoction, 1 dose a day for several days.

6. Milk and egg drink (folk prescription)

Indications: myopia. Formula: 1 egg, 1 cup of milk and 1 spoon of honey. Usage: break the egg, pour it into the heated milk, boil it over a low heat, warm the egg after it is cooked, and then take it with honey.

  7、 Pig liver and egg soup (folk side)


indications: myopia. Formula: 150g pig liver and 1 egg. Usage: wash and slice the pig liver, add oil in the pot, stir fry, cook yellow rice wine, add water to boil, add eggs, add a little salt and take it.

8. Stir fry sheep liver (folk side)

Indications: dim eyes, night blindness, optic nerve atrophy, central peritonitis, cataract, etc. Formula: 200g sheep liver. Usage: wash and slice, fry in Gorgon oil, mix with seasoning and serve with the meal.

  9、 Medlar crucian carp soup (traditional Chinese medicine prescription)

indications: myopia, blurred vision. Formula: one tail of crucian carp (about 2000g) and 10g of medlar. Usage: wash crucian carp, remove internal organs, cook soup with medlar, eat meat and drink soup. Note: one side can replace crucian carp with white fish or other fish.

10. Stewed pig liver with medlar (traditional Chinese medicine prescription)

indications: myopia, tears in the wind. Formula: 20g wolfberry fruit, 300g pig liver, a little edible oil, onion, ginger, sugar, yellow rice wine and starch. Usage: wash the pig liver, put it into the pot with Chinese wolfberry, add some water and cook for 1 hour, take out the pig liver and slice it for standby. Heat the oil pan, stir fry the pork liver slices in the green onion and ginger pan, cook white sugar and yellow rice wine, mix in a little of the original soup, collect the juice, hook in the starch, and the soup will be bright and transparent.

  11、 Eye catching soup (traditional Chinese medicine prescription)


indications: myopia. Formula: 10g Chinese wolfberry, 3G tangerine peel, 10 longan meat and 1 spoon of honey. Usage: tie up the Chinese wolfberry and tangerine peel in gauze, then put them together with longan meat in a pot, add appropriate amount of water, boil for half an hour, take the longan meat and soup, add honey and eat them as snacks.


12. Sheep liver porridge


in traditional Chinese medicine organ dietotherapy: myopia and dizziness caused by insufficient liver blood. Formula: one sheep liver, 30g onion seeds and 30g rice. Usage: cut the sheep liver into thin pieces and wash the rice. First, fry the onion seeds into juice, add sheep’s liver and rice to make porridge. After eating, add salt and eat properly.

13. Main indications of

in Shenghui recipe: blood does not nourish the liver and hyperopia is weak. Formula: 125g pig liver, 15g scallion, 1 egg and an appropriate amount of black bean juice. Usage: cut the pig liver into thin slices, remove the fibrous roots, cut into short sections, put it into the black bean juice as a soup, break the egg when it is ripe, mix the egg yolk, put it into the soup into a soup, eat it alone or with a meal.

  14、 Prescription: 15g longan meat, 15g wolfberry fruit, 15g dogwood meat, 1 pair of pig (cattle, sheep) eyes. Usage: wash pig eyes, add longan meat, wolfberry, dogwood meat and stew them over fire.

15, spinach pig liver soup (folk prescription)

Indications: blood deficiency, vision loss. Formula: 125g spinach, 125g pig liver, appropriate amount of cooked lard, ginger, scallion, clear soup, salt, water bean powder and monosodium glutamate. Usage: wash spinach, scald it in boiling water for a moment, remove the astringency, cut it into sections, cut the pig liver into thin slices, mix well with salt, monosodium glutamate and soybean flour, pour the clear soup to boil, add the washed and broken ginger, chopped scallion, cooked lard, etc. Cook for a few minutes, add the mixed pork liver slices and spinach until the liver slices and spinach are cooked. Take it with meals.

  16、 Rock sugar fungus (folk side)


Indications: hypertension, fundus hemorrhage, red eye paste, unclear vision. Formula: proper amount of Auricularia auricula and rock sugar. Usage: wash black fungus, soak it in water overnight, take it out, steam it for one hour, and add rock sugar. Use 6 grams of Auricularia auricula and an appropriate amount of rock sugar every time. Take it before going to bed until the symptoms are relieved. Note: you can also fry black beans into a soup.


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