Month: July 2020

The latest myopia cure research

The latest myopia cure research

In the world, myopia is becoming more and more serious, which has become a major health problem. As children in modern society spend less time outdoors exposed to light, it is estimated that nearly half of the world’s people will be short-sighted by 2050, compared with only one quarter of the population in 2000. Myopia […]

Is myopic cure lens effective?

Is myopic cure lens effective?

Myopia cure lenses do have a good effect on mild myopia, but if it is more serious, there is no way to treat it, These correction tools only give you poor uncorrected visual acuity as an aid to see clearly, so it is called corrected vision. It is not the so-called therapeutic effect, because it […]

How to cure moderate myopia?

How to cure moderate myopia?

Above 300 degrees and below 600 degrees belong to moderate myopia (300-575 degrees) How to cure moderate myopia? 1.Distant gaze: Find a grass or green tree 10 meters away: because of the short wavelength of green, the imaging is in front of the retina, which promotes the relaxation of eye regulation and ciliary muscle relaxation, […]

Does myopia cure drug now?

myopia cure drug now

For a long time, drug research on myopia has never stopped, As early as the 1970s, experts found that atropine can effectively prevent and treat juvenile myopia, but it has the side effects of pupil dilation, decreased accommodation, fear of light and blurred vision, so the use of atropine is limited. People have been hoping […]

How do myopia glasses work?

The original sin of myopia in society is caused by glasses! This issue may cause controversy.

The original sin of myopia in society is caused by glasses! This issue may cause controversy. If the facts of myopia and glasses are clarified, how many people will oppose it? Myopia is caused by our eyes near no problem, far from clear? Far from clear is not the axial length of the eye, but […]

How myopia is cured?

How myopia is cured

The recovery speed of vision function is mostly reflected in the individual reaction speed, the improvement range of quick response should be large, and the final recovery effect is mainly reflected in the individual effort! Two problems should be paid attention to in order to restore normal vision in patients with acquired myopia. One is […]

How does myopia get worse?

How does myopia get worse

The development of eyes from myopia to high myopia can be divided into three stages. Stage one: pseudomyopia Pseudomyopia generally refers to the change of diopter caused by the spasm of ciliary muscle in the eye caused by visual fatigue. The difference between pseudomyopia and true myopia is that the degree of pseudomyopia can be […]

How does myopia progress?

How does myopia progress

Development process of high myopia At first, he was indifferent, did not pay much attention to the health of eyesight, and did not care about the unclear objects. He began to have myopia symptoms such as squinting, blinking, strabismus, etc. Second, they despise the health of eyesight and can’t see clearly because there are no […]

How do myopia see?

How do myopia see

Myopia has mild myopia and severe myopia. In mild myopia, it is very clear to see things close to each other, and to see things in the distance, especially the characters will be very fuzzy. Severe myopia to see what things will be very paste, can not see clearly, need to wear glasses. If you […]