Month: October 2020

Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 6

The best treatment of myopia naturally

Sixth Form  Hyperopia adjusts vision Action 1: relax and sit upright, breathe naturally, open your eyes suddenly, gaze into the distance (at least 5 meters away), and meditate in your heart: eyes are wet 1-2-3-4-5-6, and your thougth is in your eyes. Technical points Eyes should be opened suddenly, staring at the distance, at least 5 […]

Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 5

The quickest way to treat myopia

Fifth Form Action 1: connect the previous action. Eyes slightly closed, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger slightly close together to form a button finger. Press the belly of four fingers to press the eye socket for 4 times, and recite in mind: press one rub, one slow and one slow. Action 2: press […]

Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 4

The most effective treatment of myopia

Forth Form  Turn the neck to move the eye Action 1: connect the previous action, focus on the eyes, open your eyes, keep your body still, turn your face horizontally to the top of your right shoulder, and look far behind your right shoulder. Action 2: then head down, turn left and down to the […]

Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 3

is there a cure for myopia

Third Form  Strengthening the kidney and strengthening the eyes Action 1: connect the previous action, eyes slightly closed, tip of tongue slightly upward, pinch mouth, such as flute like, make “blowing” sound. Action 2: close your eyes slightly, turn the palms of your hands upward, sink your shoulders and drop your elbows, bend your elbows […]

Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 2

is there a cure to myopia

Second Form   Invigorate the spleen and nourish the eyes The function of Gongfa The spleen governs the transportation of water and valley, which is the source of Qi and blood transformation. If the spleen is weak and can not transport the fine substances to the eyes, then the eyes will lose their nourishment; the spleen […]

Mingmu Gong Cure Myopia 1

the best methods to cure myopia naturally

The main external causes of myopia and low eye function are improper use of eyes, long-term contact with electronic products, reading books and so on. The internal essence of myopia and low eye function is caused by dysfunction of related viscera, obstruction of meridians and deficiency of Qi and blood. Viscera is the core of […]