5 folk traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for myopia

Abstract: dietotherapy can treat diseases and enjoy delicious food. It is a good choice for the treatment of myopia. Here are five folk Chinese prescriptions for the treatment of myopia.,    1、 Yinqi Mingmu Decoction (folk prescription), indications: myopia due to deficiency of liver and kidney. Formula: 20g tremella, 20g Lycium barbarum and 10g jasmine flower. Usage: Decoction of the above-mentioned water decoction, 1 dose per day for several days. Treatment of myopia eye “width =” 400 “height =” 300 “SRC =” / / img. Jianke. COM / article / 201504 / 1217012633-20150423202418578. JPG “/ >, 2. Lycium barbarum crucian carp soup (traditional Chinese medicine prescription), indications: myopia, blurred vision. Formula: one crucian carp (about 2000g), 10g medlar.

1. Yinqi Mingmu Decoction (folk prescription)

indications: myopia due to deficiency of liver and kidney.

prescription: 20G tremella, 20g medlar and 10g jasmine.

Usage: drink the above decoction, one dose a day, for several days.

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  2、 Medlar crucian carp soup (traditional Chinese medicine prescription)

indications: myopia and blurred vision.

formula: one crucian carp (about 2000g) and 10g medlar.

usage: wash the crucian carp and remove its internal organs, cook soup with medlar, eat meat and drink soup.

tips: white fish or other fish can also be used to replace crucian carp.

  3、 Milk and egg drink (folk side)

indications: myopia.

formula: 1 egg, 1 cup of milk and 1 spoon of honey.

usage: break the egg, rush it into the heated milk, boil it over low heat, wait for the egg to warm after cooked, and then take it with honey.

4. Pig liver egg soup (folk side)

Indications: myopia.

formula: 150g pig liver, 1 egg.

usage: wash and slice the pig liver, add oil in the pot, stir fry, cook yellow rice wine, add water to boil, add eggs, add a little salt and take it.

  5、 Stewed pork liver with Chinese wolfberry (traditional Chinese medicine prescription)


indications: myopia, tears in the wind.


formula: 20g Chinese wolfberry fruit, 300g pig liver, a little edible oil, onion, ginger, sugar, yellow rice wine and starch.


Usage: wash the pig liver, put it into the pot with Chinese wolfberry, add some water and cook for 1 hour, take out the pig liver and slice it for standby. Heat the oil pan, stir fry the pork liver slices in the green onion and ginger pan, cook white sugar and yellow rice wine, mix in a little of the original soup, collect the juice, hook in the starch, and the soup will be bright and transparent.