5-year-old girl myopia 300 degrees! Is it because you like this?

Abstract: myopia was found at the age of 3, and glasses have been worn since then. Now the degree has risen to 300 degrees. I don’t know if you imagined that you could live in a colorful candy world and have your own candy kingdom. Everything there is made of all kinds of candy, including milk candy, fruit fudge Lollipops… The most important thing is that we can eat without fear… The source of this idea is nothing more than the irresistible sweets in childhood, as well as the parents’ inhibition of their children’s sweets, fearing that their children’s excessive sweets will cause tooth decay. However, eating a lot of sweets will also contribute to the occurrence of myopia for children. Recently, a 5-year-old girl was found to be short-sighted at the age of 3 and has been wearing glasses since then. Now the degree has risen to 300 degrees. Doctors said that the main cause of children’s myopia is unscientific eye use. They spend too long watching TV and using computers, mostly more than two or three hours a day. In addition, there is another important reason is too much sugar! What does sugar have to do with myopia? According to relevant experts, if you eat too much sugar, it is likely to increase the incidence of myopia and aggravate the degree of myopia. The more sugar you eat, the more serious your myopia may be. In order to prove the problem that “eating too much sugar will cause myopia”, some scholars fed rabbits too much sucrose. As a result, rabbits became myopia. Another doctor also fed rabbits with too much sucrose and glucose. As a result, the next generation of rabbits also suffered from myopia. Why does sugar eat more can cause myopia? 1. Eating too much sugar will reduce calcium in the body. Calcium is the protector of eye tissue, which can maintain the normal physiology of eye muscle and the firmness and elasticity of sclera. If people eat sweets for a long time, the elasticity of the eye wall will be weakened, resulting in a large amount of calcium loss from the body. If the body is short of calcium, it will reduce the elasticity of the retina, increase the pressure in the crystalline body, lengthen the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball, and cause degenerative lesions of the corneal ciliary muscle, which will reduce the elasticity of the eyeball wall and develop into myopia. 2. Eating too many sweets will lead to the rise of blood glucose. Eating too many sweets will increase the plasma osmotic pressure and the osmotic pressure of lens. If it causes the increase of lens convexity and diopter, it will increase myopia and make the degree of myopia rise linearly. 3. Metabolism of sugar requires a lot of vitamin B1. Although the pathogenesis of myopia is very complex, lack of vitamin B1 is an important inducement. If you lack vitamin B1, you will have dry eyes, blurred vision, easy fatigue and other symptoms, and even cause optic neuritis. If you often eat sweets, your eyes are not only prone to fatigue, but also the optic nerve will “fail” due to “nutritional shortage”. In addition, vitamin B1 deficiency will also affect the oxidation of carbohydrates in the body, which can produce a certain toxic effect on the optic nerve, which is easy to induce or pay more attention to neuritis. Prevention of children’s myopia should also pay special attention to diet. Generally speaking, the daily intake of sugar should not exceed 0.5% per kilogram of body weight. If a child weighs about 10kg, his daily sugar intake should not exceed 5g. How to make children eat less sweets? 1. Hide sweets and sweets} don’t put sweets cans and bottles where children can see them at a glance. 2. Don’t eat sweets before and after meals and before going to bed. Eating sweets before meals is easy to reduce children’s appetite. Eating sweets after meals will increase heat absorption, while eating sweets before going to bed is easy to make children suffer from dental disease. 3. Use substitutes to gradually reduce the amount of sugar. You can find some healthy sweets to replace high calorie sweets such as chocolate, candy and cake, such as pure fruit juice, raisins, etc. As we all know, long-term use of electronic products and too much close eye use will lead to myopia. The main reason is ciliary muscle fatigue. Therefore, children especially need to pay attention to eye health. The time of continuous close eye use should not be too long. Every 40 minutes or so, you should overlook or close your eyes for 10 minutes. Special attention shall be paid to the rational use of eyes to avoid excessive use of eyes and adverse visual stimulation. Lack of outdoor sports} research shows that increasing outdoor activity time has a clear protective effect on the occurrence and development of juvenile myopia. For children who want to prevent myopia, outdoor activities should be at least 2 hours a day, and 3 hours is better. The world is so big that you need to look around… And protecting your eyes is the king ~ Jianke monograph, please indicate the source


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