7-day reversal of myopia – day 1

The truth about myopia: the working principle of the eye,

the truth about myopia: the working principle of the eye

understand myopia

before you start to improve your eyesight, you must first know the working principle of the eye. This is the only way to understand how you have been cheated by all mainstream optometrists. To this end, we will have to get involved in clinical science, so please wait patiently.

myopia occurs in two stages. The first stage is called “pseudo parallax”. Pseudomyopia refers to focused ciliary muscle spasm.

there is a circular muscle (ciliary muscle) in your eyes. It can control the lens and change its shape, so that you can get a clear field of vision at close and long distances. This is “ciliary” Muscles. When you look at something far away, your ciliary muscles relax. When you look at something far away, your ciliary muscles contract. The closer the focus, the greater the contraction of the muscle.

for almost everyone, the first sign of myopia is only ciliary muscle spasm caused by too much close focus. It is temporary muscle locking and the lens is temporarily stuck in “close-up” mode. Therefore, you can’t see the distance clearly. This is pseudomyopia, but you can treat it without glasses.

however, it seems that there is no scientific basis for me to say so. Let’s take a look at a study by the American Academy of optometry in 1998. The title of the study is “visual therapy to reduce temporary myopia caused by abnormal close work”.

the study tracked five patients with transient myopia caused by abnormal close work (anitm) subjects, whose study lasted for 7-10 weeks, received visual therapy using tools such as fins and Hart charts. The anitm of subjects was recorded every day before and after visual treatment with Canon R-1 automatic refractometer. The conclusion of the study is as follows: “After treatment, the symptoms were significantly reduced, the clinical adaptive facilities and measures were significantly improved, and the objective results were also improved.”

therefore, since you know that visual therapy can work, we will do two things next:

stop the development of myopia, reverse myopia

stop the development of myopia is very important, Because the increase of myopia means lens degeneration (its symptoms are bright spots or flying mosquitoes), retinal detachment, macular degeneration and many other serious diseases are at higher risk. However, stopping the development of myopia is only half the success. What you really need to do is to improve your eyesight. Then you may ask: what should I do? You need to continue to stick to it for 7 days to find out the answer. Remember, as I said, there is no quick way to stop it Improve vision. Before


, I briefly introduced the generation of myopia, but for the complete process of how the eyes work and how myopia occurs, please see the following introduction:

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