7-day reversal of myopia – day 4

I gave you some homework yesterday, so now you may have a pile of numbers you don’t know how to do. First of all, I tell you that these numbers are crucial. These numbers can actually tell you the fatigue of your eyes, which habits to change, what glasses you need and other important information.

here is a quick start on how to interpret them:

first, you have data sooner or later. I want you to recall the second email, because it’s important to understand that your eyesight is not static. Vision will change! Vision will change! Vision will change! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times. Your myopia will change in a day.

so when you go to the optician’s at night, you may get a higher degree of myopia than during the day.

an example is given below to illustrate the usage of these numbers, Take me for example:

I used to have moderate myopia (about 500 degrees). I have my previous measurement logs (by the way, be sure to keep the logs, which contain important information you need for long-term use). The following is my record in 2005:

morning: left eye: 32cm; right eye: 36cm

noon: left eye: 30cm; right eye: 35cm

night: left eye: 28cm; Right eye: 32cm

you can see that eyesight will decline at night due to eye fatigue, Generally, it will resume the next morning (unless you stay up late). What should you do now that you know

? Tomorrow we will discuss the axial elongation of the eye.

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