7-day reversal of myopia – day 5

myopia deepens: one thing you need to stop doing

today I will talk about the increase of axial length of your eyes, because you never want to increase the axial length of your eyes. The axial elongation of


is caused by the so-called “hyperopia defocus”. Usually, your myopia is over adjusted, And you wear glasses for hyperopia most of the time (you shouldn’t wear such eyes to see things close). These are not good for your eyes.

If you wear perfect corrective glasses when viewing from a distance and the muscle spasm is zero, your glasses will not increase the degree of myopia. But it’s almost impossible, So this is a science:

“If the length of the eye grows slower than the focal length, the focal plane will be behind the retina and produce hyperopia defocus on the retina. Similarly, this will happen if a person has a concave lens. In order to regain clear focus, the retina needs to move back to the position of the image. There are two ways: remodeling by increasing the growth rate of the posterior sclera of the eye To lengthen the eyeball (slandle and McBrien, 1999; nickla et al., 1997), and pull back the retina by thinning the vascular layer between the choroid, retina and sclera (Fig. 2B; Wallman et al., 1995; wildsoet and Wallman, 1995); once the distant image is focused on the retina again (emmetropia), the eye lengthening rate and choroidal thickness return to normal. “

Therefore, axial elongation. I told you before it was a big story. The longer the eyeball, the deeper the myopia reading, which is the root of various other problems. (myopia increases by 300 degrees, equivalent to about 1 mm of eye growth) it can be said that glasses will make your eyes elongate axially. This is also the reason why your eyes are “addicted” to glasses prescriptions.

Now what I want to say is that not all optometrists are bad. Although most people will eventually give you corrective glasses and recommend more year after year, they just give you what most people want: an immediate clear vision.

but there are still some optometrists who explain the principle of myopia. They will help you find the correct glasses. If you meet this optometrist, marry it.

the biggest mistake you make now is to look at the computer screen only about 60cm away with glasses suitable for long-distance vision, Or there is only a 10cm mobile phone screen (scared me to throw away my mobile phone). The function of

glasses is to use a lens to bypass your “lens” and move the focal plane to the retina. It does not alleviate ciliary muscle spasm. So wearing glasses will only delay the solution of the problem and make things worse.

what do you do now?

Don’t wear glasses. It’s not good. You can and should wear your glasses for long-distance observation. When looking at the computer screen, you can choose not to wear glasses or glasses with low degree according to your own situation (convex lens is also OK. Note that convex lens, that is, presbyopia, is only suitable for those with low myopia or contact with correction. It is inconvenient to wear a pair of framed presbyopia glasses to reduce the degree of correction).

Let me tell you: if you don’t wear corrective glasses to watch closely within four weeks, and then wear it again, you will feel sick. If you don’t wear glasses and want to wear corrective glasses for a whole day after a month, you will feel dizzy and sick.

then why did you feel nothing about your corrective glasses before? It’s probably the principle of boiling frogs in warm water.

tomorrow, I will give some specific suggestions on what you should and should not do when you are doing close homework.

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