7-day reversal of myopia – day 7

Active focus: the key factor to improve eyesight,

active focus: the key factor to improve eyesight

I’m glad you can learn so much about your eyes in a week. First of all, you already know how myopia occurs. You also know how to measure your eyesight. Most importantly, you even know that you can work close without glasses, which is of great help to improve your eyesight.

but you haven’t learned the most important part yet, That is how to consciously control the ciliary muscle (i.e. active focus).

do you know you can control your vision? This control is changed according to your own needs, that is, the active focus I mentioned above. In fact, active focus does not require repeated exercise. According to what I said below, you will see the improvement of your vision.

You can find the answer you want on my website (how do I feel like pyramid selling, everyone make complaints about Jake Steiner in Tucao, but his method is still of great reference value).


Tomorrow is the day to return to 1.0. I really like progress updates and experience… So, if this guide finally helps you restore your eyesight of 1.0, be sure to send me an email and let me know your current situation!

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