7 days to reverse myopia – day 6

Close focus with different glasses,

close focus with different glasses

our seven day reversal example is almost over. There’s another email tomorrow. Relax today. Don’t worry, you will still learn a lot about eyesight.

do you remember to measure myopia several times a day? I tell you to look for trends within a day and between days, and keep in mind that these numbers may be useful in the future. Now I’ll tell you some precautions:

1 Lighting can also be divided into good and bad

just like food and air, lighting can also be divided into good and bad. Light has a great impact on your eyesight (and brain). A recent study successfully reversed amnesia by using blue light. You must start to care about the quality of light. Good light is natural light (full spectrum ultraviolet), this is what your eyes are used to deal with. If you can sit by the window at work, that’s good. If you can’t, you can consider buying a full spectrum ultraviolet bulb to put in your desk lamp. That’s much better than the fluorescent lamp in the office 2. Poor quality TV is not good for your eyes.

avoid using old CRT (cathode ray tube), screen with low refresh rate, screen with low resolution and screen that is too bright or too dim. When you stop having a headache after improving the environment, you will know you are right.

3. Don’t use glasses for a long time in close work, otherwise the ciliary muscles will spasm


. After one hour of close work, compare your example measurement with the measurement after five hours of the same work. You will find that one hour’s close work will improve your eyesight. Three hours is the longest time spent on close work. After that, you really need an hour of rest, only an hour of farsightedness. No smartphones, no books.

4. Peak insulin is bad for your eyes (don’t eat too many foods containing too much sugar, such as milk tea)

a large plate of spaghetti and those two cups of coke really don’t help your eyes. If you want to improve your eyes, you should change unhealthy living habits, such as staying up late and high sugar diet.

5. You can choose a weekend away from the screen

just stay in the woods or on the beach for two days, or chat with friends, or ride a bike. I also wrote a complete guide on how to buy glasses. You know, a pair of high-quality brand-name lenses, With all the coatings (for your optometrist), the wholesale cost of lenses is no more than $1.50. So when they sell you $200 (or $500) glasses, you can think about how much money they make. (I deleted some nonsense, which doesn’t affect the reading)

Of course, the solution you need is to correct the distance and choose the glasses about 150th degree on your current basis. Don’t modify anything else; This correction must be the same as your distance correction, in terms of intensity relative to the left and right eyes. If you have 25 degrees of astigmatism, You can only reduce 125 degrees (simply and rudely treat astigmatism as myopia).

before you consider doing so, be sure to spend some time reading the lens and diopter section of the website!

that’s it! I hope this week is worth it for you.

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