9 kinds of nutrition foods to prevent myopia

Only when the nutrition is sufficient, can the eyes keep healthy, work hard and reduce the damage of harmful substances to the eyes. However, if children and adolescents want not to have myopia or prevent and control the development of myopia, they need to use their eyes alternately from near to far, pay attention to far sight exercise, alleviate visual fatigue, and take good care of eye health before they can prevent and control myopia themselves. The following 9 kinds of food can prevent myopia.

1 Foods rich in vitamin A

nutrition foods to prevent myopia

Vitamin A, also known as retinol, contributes to the formation of human vision. Vitamin A deficiency, the eye’s ability to adapt to the dark environment will decline, in serious cases may lead to night blindness. Vitamin A can keep the cornea normal, not make the cornea dry and degenerate, and enhance the ability of seeing things in dark light. Carrots are recognized as eye protection foods. Foods rich in vitamin A include kale, pumpkin, mango, orange, animal liver, cod liver oil, whole milk and whole milk products, eggs, etc

2 Foods rich in vitamin B

vitamin B prevent myopia

Vitamin B is the eye’s favorite. Why do our eyes show photophobia, tears and fatigue? It’s because of the lack of vitamin B group. When vitamin B is stored in the retina of the eye, the eye works well. The foods rich in B vitamins are blueberries. In addition, there are egg yolks, milk, lean meat, mung beans, oats, whole grains, soybeans, etc.

3 Foods rich in lutein

foods rich in lutein prevent myopia

Lutein can be transformed into zeaxanthin in vivo, which can effectively filter ultraviolet and violet light, reduce eye damage, and prevent visual fatigue. Without the protection of zeaxanthin, the eyes will surely age ahead of time. Foods rich in lutein such as corn, spinach, rape and other dark green vegetables.

4 Protein rich food

protein rich food prevent myopia

Fish is the healthiest meat, which will not lead to obesity and chronic diseases. It is very good for health. The function of the eye is to help repair the eye tissue. The lack of protein in the human body will lead to visual impairment. Protein rich foods such as fish, shrimp, eggs, lean meat, etc.

5 Calcium rich food

calcium rich food prevent myopia

The lack of calcium in the human body will not only cause the elasticity of the retina of the eyes to decrease, the pressure in the crystalline body to rise, the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball to lengthen, but also cause the degeneration of the cornea and ciliary muscle, which is easy to cause vision loss or myopia. Foods rich in calcium, such as milk, beans, fungi, dried fruits and seafood, etc.

6 Foods rich in selenium, zinc and chromium

selenium, zinc and chromium prevent myopia

Selenium, zinc and chromium can improve the function of eye tissue and prevent vision loss. Foods with more selenium include animal liver, egg, fish, shellfish, mushroom, asparagus, soybean, shepherd’s purse, carrot, etc.; foods with more zinc include milk, cereal, beans, seafood, hard fruit, etc.; foods with more chromium include beef, black pepper, brown rice, corn, millet, coarse flour, brown sugar, grape juice, edible fungus, etc.

7 Foods rich in vitamin C

vitamin C prevent myopia

Vitamin C is one of the components of the lens of the eye. Vitamin C can weaken the damage of light and oxygen to the lens of the eye. If lack of vitamin C, it is easy to suffer from cataract with lens opacification. The foods rich in vitamin C are fresh vegetables and fruits, mainly including persimmon pepper, kiwi fruit, hawthorn, tomato, lemon and other fresh vegetables and fruits.

8 Anthocyanin rich food

anthocyanin rich food prevent myopia

Anthocyanins are antioxidants that enhance night vision and slow down macular degeneration. Red, purple, purple, blue and other colors of vegetables, fruits or berries contain anthocyanins, such as red beet, blueberry, cranberry, black cherry, purple grape (skin), California plum, etc.

9 Foods rich in DHA

foods rich in DHA prevent myopia

The retina and optic nerve in the eyeball need a lot of DHA. However, we can’t synthesize this fatty acid by ourselves. DHA supplementation will make the vision sharper and clearer. In addition, DHA is also an important component of brain neurons. DHA rich foods are mainly found in deep-sea fish, such as salmon. Vegetarians can eat flaxseed, perilla seed or algae supplement.

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