90% of parents do not know the knowledge of myopia prevention and control, here!

Abstract: due to the decline of vision caused by ametropia, it is recommended to wear glasses. Children are really short-sighted and have not been corrected in time. They need to use a lot of adjustment when looking close and far, resulting in more fatigue and faster growth of degrees.

myopia is a problem that many people will face today. Especially juvenile myopia, the situation is more serious. The survey shows that the poor eyesight rate of primary school students in China is 45.7%, middle school students 74.3% and high school students 83.3%. What causes juvenile myopia? How should juvenile myopia be prevented and treated? Let’s answer them one by one today.

1. Should teenagers with myopia wear glasses in time?

myopia is divided into “true” and “false”, which needs mydriasis test.

one of the reasons why parents are unwilling to match their children with glasses is that they are worried that once they wear glasses, their myopia will become deeper and deeper.

2. If you don’t wear glasses, won’t the degree of myopia increase?


Teenagers’ vision loss may be true or false. Judged by mydriasis.

if myopia does exist after mydriasis, it needs to be corrected with glasses.

if it is pseudomyopia, the diopter will disappear after mydriasis and the naked eye vision will increase.

pseudomyopia may recover, and glasses are required for true myopia.


pseudomyopia is caused by teenagers using their eyes closely and for a long time, which can be recovered by rest, sleep or mydriasis without wearing glasses.

vision loss caused by ametropia. It is recommended to wear glasses. Children are really short-sighted and have not been corrected in time. They need to use a lot of adjustment when looking close and far, resulting in more fatigue and faster growth of degrees.

3. Don’t you go up with glasses?


are not necessarily. Some myopia is physiological and developmental. This kind of myopia can’t be controlled if you want to control it. With the growth of age, the degree of myopia will increase to a certain extent, which is difficult to control.

teenagers suffer from myopia. Whether wearing glasses or not, the degree of myopia will increase with age, physical development and other reasons. However, the degree of non wearing glasses increases faster. Clinical cases also show that the degree of non wearing glasses increases faster than that of wearing glasses. Therefore, parents should be reminded that once teenagers suffer from myopia, they should go to a qualified optometry center or hospital for examination and treatment in time, and wear suitable glasses in time.

inducing causes

1. A considerable number of patients with disease

have suffered from measles, pertussis and other infectious diseases. Most of these patients have eye enlargement. When the eye is in the expanded state, the refractive power of the eye decreases and the vision decreases.

2. The research of experts related to noise

shows that when the sound intensity is above 90 dB, the sensitivity of rod cells in the fundus retina to distinguish light brightness begins to decline, and the time to recognize weak light response is prolonged. When it exceeds 45 DB, 40% of people have dilated pupils, and when it reaches 115 dB, the adaptability of eyes to light brightness decreases by 20%, At the same time, it is accompanied by the weakening of color perception.

3. Lack of mineral elements

medical research shows that mineral elements such as calcium and chromium are an important condition to ensure normal vision of teenagers. Calcium plays an irreplaceable role in maintaining normal pressure of eye crystals and chromium in maintaining eye diopter. In particular, it should be noted that processing too fine rice and noodles will lose 80% of chromium. Deliberately eating some coarse grains is beneficial to vision health.

4. Eating too many sweets

sweets are acidic foods. On the one hand, they consume a lot of calcium in the body, on the other hand, they increase blood sugar and change crystal osmotic pressure, which is another curse for the formation of myopia. It is better to supervise children to eat less.

5. Passive smoking

experts found that tobacco contains a highly toxic cyanide, which accumulates in the human body to a certain extent and can cause toxic amblyopia. Teenagers’ eyeballs are in the development stage and are more sensitive to the harmful substances in tobacco.

6. Lack of sleep

10-13 years old is the peak of myopia. If children of this age do not get enough sleep, their sympathetic and parasympathetic functions will lose balance, resulting in disorder of the regulation function of the ciliary muscle. Therefore, they can ensure that they get enough sleep for 9-11 hours every night, which can protect their eyesight.


1. Equipped with frame glasses to correct vision, reduce visual fatigue and prevent the deepening of myopia.

2. Wear corneal shaping glasses to control the deepening of myopia.

3. Increase the time for long-distance eye use, develop the habit of correct eye use, and eat more foods rich in VA and other vitamins.

myopia laser surgery can be considered after adults aged 4 and 18.