A 10-year-old boy with 500 degree myopia and craving sweets will also affect his eyesight?

Abstract: in ophthalmic clinics, more and more children with myopia, especially from 7 to 12 years old. On weekends or cold and summer holidays, more than half of the outpatients are parents who take their children to check their eyesight.

hold mobile phones and iPads, walk, sit, lie down and lie down, and the posture is “full of tricks”. Not only young people will have such a habit, but also more and more children. And these bad habits, the biggest harm is the eyes.

“data show that in 2016, the number of myopia patients over 5 years old in China was about 490 million. This number is increasing year by year, and the age of onset is decreasing. There are many children who come to see a doctor because of myopia at the age of seven or eight in the outpatient service.” Ophthalmologists remind: parents should pay attention to the details of their children’s eye use. After the age of 3, they should go to the eye examination regularly every year. Preschool children should cultivate good eye use habits. The degree of


rose to 500 after a winter vacation. In early April, Ms. He took her 10-year-old son Zhouzhou to the hospital for eye examination. Ms. He said that Zhouzhou did well in the exam last semester, so she bought an iPad as a reward for her children and agreed to play only two hours a day. However, the couple work during the day, so they can’t effectively control their children’s game time. The old man at home could not stand the repeated pleadings of his children, so he let the boat play.

“later, grandma told me that he played a little long, so I hid the iPad and thought it could be controlled. As a result, no matter where he hid it, he would always find it, which was a slip of his tongue.” Ms. He is in a hurry. Before, the teacher told her that Zhouzhou had been arranged to sit in the first row, but she still squinted in class. She suggested that she take Zhouzhou to check her eyesight. According to


, the myopia of Zhouzhou’s two eyes were 400 degrees and 500 degrees respectively. The result surprised Ms. He. Doctors analyzed that in addition to genetic factors, bad eye habits may be the main cause of Zhouzhou myopia, such as too low head when reading and writing, facing electronic products for a long time, etc.

high myopia has the risk of blindness

in ophthalmic clinics, more and more children are nearsighted, especially between the ages of 7 and 12. On weekends or cold and summer holidays, more than half of the outpatients are parents who take their children to check their eyesight.

Why are more and more children with myopia now? According to expert analysis, myopia is caused by ametropia, in which heredity is one factor and unreasonable eye use is another major factor.


children now have heavy schoolwork. Some children have to do their homework in the middle of the night. Children in the growth and development stage do not pay attention to eye hygiene, such as incorrect posture of reading and writing, or poor light. Now more and more electronic products are also one of the “culprits” of children’s vision loss. If you stare at electronic products for a long time, your eyes can’t get effective activity and adjustment, just like people who don’t exercise will get fat, and eyes who don’t “exercise” will bring myopia. The consequences of


myopia have a great impact, and students entering higher education, joining the army, looking for jobs and objects will be limited. Medium and high myopia will lead to exophthalmos, eyelid relaxation and affect appearance. More serious, medium and high myopia, especially high myopia, is easy to cause vitreous opacity, retinal hemorrhage and retinal detachment. According to statistics, blindness caused by myopia ranks third only after cataract and glaucoma.

gluttony for sweets will also have an impact on vision.

doctors remind that the most important thing to prevent myopia is to let children develop the awareness of actively protecting their eyes, and pre-school children should cultivate good eye habits. After the age of 3, they go to the ophthalmology regularly every year to check their eyesight and optometry.


to ensure adequate sleep time, not partial to food, especially not greedy for sweets. Eating too much sugar may make the blood sour in the body. In order to maintain acid-base balance, the human body has to use a lot of calcium to neutralize, resulting in lack of blood calcium. Myopia is easy to form after the elasticity of the eye wall is weakened. Therefore, teenagers, especially those who are already myopia, should eat less sweet food.