A mother’s experience of treating her daughter’s myopia with traditional Chinese Medicine

my eyes are 850 degrees nearsighted My husband is 500 degrees nearsighted My daughter is nearsighted before she is five years old It was already collapsing when it was found out The visual acuity of one eye is 0.25 The vision of the other eye was 0.3 I can imagine how I feel The despair ofand

is beyond the imagination of a mother His father can eat as he likes and sleep as he likes Of course, there is sadness But it has nothing to do with me I kept blaming myself and was in great pain I don’t think I deserve to be a mother at all I even regret forming this family. I shouldn’t have married a myopic person at that time But at that time, we did not take into account the genetic problems of both parents and children

I don’t want to live I don’t know how to go in the future, and I don’t know what to do I doubt whether I was punished for my immorality

but the child has to live and live I dare not face my dear child I dare not even think about it I dare not stay alone with the child because I either scold or cry around her The child trembled and was at a loss And I am neurotic and depressed I dare not take her out I’m afraid of people looking at her and asking why such a young child wears glasses Afraid of colleagues’ jokes and others’ pity I don’t allow my child to go to my unit for fear that she will lose face But I can’t tell her this directly for fear of hurting her self-esteem

every time I see her wearing glasses, I feel inexplicably sad and painful I don’t know how life goes on

fortunately, I have a good father and mother. They helped me and helped me in my most difficult time

since my daughter was diagnosed with myopia, my mother took her to the hospital every time she went to the hospital for optometry and pupil dilation And I just lose my temper with them My father transferred all his relationships and took my daughter to Beijing for diagnosis I went to three major hospitals: I remember Beijing Children’s hospital Beijing 301 Hospital Lived there for more than ten days, mydriatic optometry and glasses After mydriasis in three hospitals in Beijing, it was diagnosed as true myopia. The vision before and after mydriasis is almost the same. After a long journey of more than ten days, my daughter has a pair of small glasses on the bridge of her nose. I dare not look at that pile of medical records. While being grateful to their parents, they are more confused about the future.and

father said that he was ruthless to doctors’ routine in Beijing 301 Hospital. He hugged my daughter and cried bitterly, which made doctors at a loss.

the father said that fortunately, he checked my daughter’s eyes, and the stone in his heart fell to the ground. And said that the doctor said that the change of vision may be related to the long-term “moistening” of his daughter’s trachoma, that is, chloramphenicol eye drops.

later, I checked a lot of information on the Internet and also confirmed that chloramphenicol eye drops can not be used by children. It can cause vision changes, even aplastic anemia, and take children’s lives. And I knew nothing before.

what’s more hateful is that I used this “runshu” – chloramphenicol eye drops for my daughter. When my daughter was suffering from trachoma, I was prescribed by a male ophthalmologist in our local traditional Chinese medicine hospital according to the normal medical procedures. At that time, my daughter was only three years old. At that time, the male doctor prescribed two “runshu” for us to go back. In the process of use, my daughter once said that I couldn’t see clearly. I didn’t pay attention to it at that time. I still gave her some three times a day according to the doctor’s advice, which lasted for nearly two months. Because the doctor said trachoma was difficult to treat, it had to be treated for a long time. I tell you the fact that I use blood here: never use chloramphenicol eye drops for children. For eye inflammation and other diseases, you can wash your eyes in the hospital. Even if you use eye drops, you must not choose chloramphenicol eye drops for children. Adults may be able, but children can’t. You have to remember. So later, my daughter had conjunctivitis again. My mother took her to the children’s eye care department of the women’s health care hospital to wash her eyes. She washed them three times and didn’t need to order eye drops. I think this method is very good.

when I was in Beijing Children’s Hospital, my father found an ophthalmology professor through acquaintances. One of his students was an ophthalmologist in Yantai Yuhuangding hospital. Because mydriasis is treated with atropine, it takes more than 20 days for the pupil to return to normal after mydriasis. When it is normal, you have to recheck the optometry and glasses.

the methods adopted by doctors in the three hospitals in Beijing are also different. The glasses matched in Beijing were immediately matched by the 301 army hospital. The professor of Beijing Children’s Hospital said he would have to wait for his eyesight to be rechecked when mydriasis recovers.

I’ve also learned about the side effects of atropine on the Internet. I’m afraid the pupil can’t recover in time. In these twenty days of long waiting, I dare not let my daughter see light stimulation. My family has since banned light and shadow facilities such as TV, and dare not take medicine for her. In short, after more than twenty days in fear, my parents took her to Yantai for recheck, the pupils returned to normal, and optometry was equipped with glasses. One eye is 225 degrees and the other eye is 275 degrees, which is higher than the glasses in Beijing. The glasses in Beijing are 175 degrees and 225 degrees. We still followed the advice of Dr. Yu Ning in Yantai and put on this high degree glasses. My daughter has been very effective since she found myopia at the end of May this year.

after more than four months, my daughter spent it in my parents’ in laws. I only went to see her after work, had dinner, played with her, and then went back to my house.

my parents always insist on listening to the doctor and asking her to wear glasses. My mother accompanies her granddaughter with small glasses to play outside every day, broaden her horizons, see more green trees and take more activities. She accompanies her to the children’s eye care department of the maternal and child health hospital for treatment every day. It is a machine called multi-functional amblyopia therapeutic instrument to do treatment for more than 20 minutes. She accompanies her to tell stories and play games every day, and massages her ears, palms and feet every day, Accompany her to walk in the park every day, jump out of bed, and give her calcium tablets and eel oil every day.

my mother specially cooks for her and encourages her to eat less meat and more vegetables, you know? From Xiaoguang, children who like meat but don’t like vegetables are prone to myopia and irritability. That’s my daughter. I often buy carrots and pig liver. I just learned to make pumpkin cakes. These vegetables are good for my eyesight. Before that, my daughter only liked meat.

in these four monthsHe said that the first peak of brain development is between the ages of 5 and 6, and the second peak is between the ages of 12 and 14. He said that before these two peaks, myopia and asthma have a high chance of improvement. Professor Liu said that children gain the fastest proportion of weight between the ages of 1 and 2, and their height increases the fastest between the ages of 3 and 4. The first peak of brain development is between the ages of 5 and 6, the second peak of weight gain is between the ages of 8 and 9, and the second peak of height gain is between the ages of 10 and 11. When children enter the age of 12 to 14, they also enter the stage of puberty, which is also the second peak of brain development. He said that many children’s diseases have a high chance of improvement if they can be found and treated before the age of 4 to 6. He explained that mastering children’s growth and development period is like Zhuge Liang taking advantage of the east wind, seizing heaven and earth, and mastering the laws of nature, he can create miracles. Once this stage has passed and everything has been finalized, although the condition can be improved, it is more difficult to improve.and

kidney tonifying prescriptions can improve myopia and amblyopia. Taking kidney tonifying drugs can improve amblyopia and myopia, and taking drugs to inhibit liver hyperactivity can cure strabismus. Professor Liu said that the kidney tonifying prescription consists of raspberry, Golden Cherry, privet, Schisandra chinensis, rabbit silk and other drugs, which can improve myopia, amblyopia and hyperopia. As for inhibiting liver hyperactivity and treating strabismus, we have to use white aconite, uncaria, whole worm, stiff silkworm, papaya and so on. He said that doctors in the United States are using raspberry injection to improve myopia, and the effect is very good, but Chinese medicine has long used raspberry to improve myopia.

well, I would like to encourage my parents all over the world like me.

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