About eyes, stop listening to rumors!!

Absrtact: the behavior of looking at the computer screen will not directly lead to the decline of vision. However, when we use the computer for a long time, read books for a long time or engage in other close eye activities, we will blink less, which will lead to dry eyes, acid swelling and visual fatigue.

for eye health, myopia and other issues, there are always various folk rumors, such as wearing glasses will be deeper and deeper, cell phone film will hurt eyes, etc… are these rumors true or false? How can we protect our eyesight? Today, let’s take stock of those rumors about our eyes and learn to protect our eyes correctly.


rumor 1: wearing glasses will deepen the degree,


and form dependence on


. The truth: teenagers in development have strong eye adjustment ability. If the degree of glasses they wear is higher than the actual level, it will cause visual fatigue and deepen the degree of myopia, but if they wear glasses with appropriate degree, it will not cause vision loss. In addition, bad eye habits will also cause vision loss. The fault is not the glasses themselves, which will not cause dependence.


myopic people should have a deep understanding. After taking off their glasses, they are not used to looking at the fuzzy world, which affects their expressiveness and may have a sense of self-confidence and insecurity. This is the vigilance of the brain, not the phenomenon of “addiction”. Myopic eyes need to be corrected. Looking at distant blur will bring inconvenience to life. There are hidden dangers when driving without glasses, and it is easy to see fatigue. You can wear glasses all day or intermittently during the day, depending on your eye habits.

rumor 2: mobile phone film hurts eyes

truth: in fact, the light transmittance of mobile phone film is generally more than 90%, which has little impact on users’ eyes. As long as it is a film with high transparency and no wear, it has little impact on users’ eyes.

but if the mobile phone film is not replaced for a long time, the messy scratches on the film will make the screen look more laborious. The ciliary muscles of the eyes are often in a tense state, and the lens maintains a large tension, which will easily damage the eyes. Compared with the film, overusing the eyes is the real “vision killer”.

rumor 3: protect eyes and eat more pig liver

truth: we usually think that pig liver is good for eyes because it is rich in vitamin A and can promote nutritional metabolism of eyes. But at the same time, it should not be forgotten that the cholesterol content in pig liver is also very high. Vitamin A also exists in other foods. Eating more pig liver to protect your eyes may not pay off. Remind friends who have been engaged in computer operation for a long time to pay attention to balanced nutrition, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as vegetables, carrots and tomatoes, and increase the intake of vitamins A, B, C and E. In addition, Lycium barbarum has a eyesight effect in traditional Chinese medicine, and it is also OK to make tea and drink.

rumor 4: using a computer is bad for the eyes

truth: the behavior of looking at a computer screen will not directly lead to vision loss. However, when we use the computer for a long time, read books for a long time or engage in other close eye activities, we will blink less, which will lead to dry eyes, acid swelling and visual fatigue.

rumor 5: camera flash will blind children’s eyes

truth: flash is a cold light source, and its duration is very short and its speed is very fast. This kind of light will cause a little discomfort to normal people, including children. The eyes may feel dark after seeing the flash, but this feeling is transient and the possibility of blindness is very small.

rumor 6: Children’s close watching TV hurts their eyes

truth: Children’s visual development is a process from hyperopia to emmetropia. When children are hyperopia, their near vision is like the presbyopia old people, who have difficulty reading small words. At this time, their far vision has not developed to 1.0, so it is not clear to sit away and watch TV. Therefore, children prefer to stay close to TV and watch large-scale visual stimulation. If children after the age of 6 still often gather in front of the TV, they must take their children for optometry.

rumor 7: the bluish white eyes are due to calcium deficiency

truth: “bluish white eyes have nothing to do with calcium deficiency. The white eye is also the sclera, which is a layer of tough collagen fiber tissue with dense blood vessels under it. Adults’ sclera is white, while infants’ sclera is relatively thin, which can show the color of the lower blood vessels and look blue. In addition, some blue sclera are pathological manifestations, such as osteogenesis imperfecta (porcelain doll disease), congenital glaucoma and high myopia.