About myopia, how many people regret not knowing it earlier!

Abstract: ametropia with myopia greater than 600 degrees is called high myopia. It is prone to complications such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, flying mosquito, cataract, macular hemorrhage and posterior scleral staphyloma. Some serious complications can lead to blindness.

in China, high myopia is the number one cause of blindness over the age of 49; Once myopia exceeds 600 degrees, it is easy to cause complications such as cataract, macular disease, glaucoma and retinal detachment, which seriously affects the quality of life. My heart is so tired… How to control the degree deepening of


? Is there a way to recover children’s myopia? Do you know the adverse effects of wearing frame glasses and contact lenses for a long time?

I. does the degree of myopia rise year by year? The risk is also rising! The degree of


has increased. Isn’t it OK to reconfigure a pair of glasses? Will there be other effects? Children with


tend to develop high myopia.


some people think that children’s myopia is just a matter of wearing glasses. In fact, myopia belongs to an eye disease with great harm and has an obvious impact on children:


near vision is developmental: if children’s myopia is not controlled in time, it can reach more than 800 degrees in high school, Take off your glasses, the world is full of mosaics;


myopia are blinding: more than 95% of children’s myopia will become high myopia. When the degree of myopia reaches more than 1000 degrees, about 1 / 4 can become blind secondary to fundus hemorrhage and retinal detachment.


would like to remind parents that if they find that their children like to squint at objects, tilt their heads to watch TV, read and watch TV close, blink frequently, they should quickly check their eyesight. High myopia of


is still increasing. Be careful of complications. Ametropia with myopia of


greater than 600 degrees is called high myopia. It is prone to complications such as retinal detachment, glaucoma, flying mosquito, cataract, macular hemorrhage and posterior scleral staphyloma. Some serious complications can lead to blindness.

1. Retinal detachment: it is 7-8 times higher than that of ordinary people. When playing

, you suddenly have a dark shadow in front of you, which feels like lightning. You may have the omen of retinal detachment. The axis of high myopia increases, and the surrounding retina begins to degenerate, which is easy to cause retinal rupture and detachment due to external forces.

2. Vitreous lesions

mosquito like flying objects appear in front of your eyes. You may have glasses vitreous opacity, commonly known as flying mosquito disease. If the shadow of the flight gets bigger and bigger, you have to go to the hospital for examination.

3. Glaucoma

the probability of high myopia suffering from glaucoma is six times that of ordinary people.

4. Cataract, macular hemorrhage, posterior scleral staphyloma and other

high myopia are also much more likely to suffer from these diseases than ordinary people.

note: no matter whether you are an adult or not, if the degree of myopia increases by more than 100 degrees, even more than 200 degrees, or a total of 2000 degrees, it may be pathological myopia, and preventive and control measures should be taken immediately.

2. Wearing glasses for a long time may have these adverse effects.

some friends may wear frame glasses and hidden glasses alternately, so we should pay attention to both aspects. What are the disadvantages of


wearing frame glasses for a long time?

① the blood vessels near the eyes are compressed.

wear frame glasses for a long time, which is easy to compress the blood vessels near the eyes and the acupoints near the temples, and easy to fatigue.

② the eye socket looks deep, which affects the image.

look in the mirror. Do you have deep eye socket, dull eyes and feel old for several years?

③ may compress the bridge of the nose or affect the development of the bridge of the nose.

the bridge of the nose bone of children and adolescents is still developing. If they are oppressed by heavy frame glasses for a long time, it may affect the development of the bridge of the nose. Another is that it is easy to form fish bubble eyes, which is difficult to reverse.

what harm does it do to wear contact lenses for a long time?

① lenses are easy to be adsorbed and contaminated: contact lenses are easy to adsorb tear deposits and pathogenic microorganisms. If you forget to disinfect at ordinary times, it may cause keratitis, etc.

② eyes are easy to fatigue: friends who have worn them should have a consensus that eye itching / foreign body feeling / dry feeling / vision loss may occur.

③ lenses are easy to wear the cornea: if they are not worn regularly for a long time, or the concavity of contact lenses is inconsistent with the corneal convexity, they will wear the cornea, It may cause corneal epithelium shedding or perforation (in severe cases).

④ wearing for too long may affect corneal cell

There is a saying on the Internet that people begin to wear soft contact lenses at the age of 20. After 10 years, the density of corneal endothelial cells is equivalent to that of the elderly at the age of 60. They will not be able to withstand any ophthalmic surgery, even if cataract occurs in old age. At present, there is no reliable basis to confirm this view, but it is generally recommended to wear contact lenses continuously for no more than 8 hours a day and no more than 10 years.

of course, these effects can be minimized or avoided as long as we pay attention to hygiene, strengthen nursing and standardize the wearing of appropriate frames or hidden glasses.

III. what about high myopia? Can children’s myopia recover?

don’t be too nervous. Myopia can be prevented and controlled. It is important to have correct cognition. At present, all kinds of treatment methods in society are mixed. Parents and nearsighted friends should not rush to medical treatment, so as not to inadvertently choose inappropriate treatment methods. Parents and friends with high myopia in Shenzhen can pay attention to the next activity in the near future.