Adhere to the system of eye exercises twice a day

Abstract: through acupoint massage, eye exercises can dredge meridians, Nourish Qi and blood, eliminate eye fatigue, relax eye muscles, improve vision and prevent myopia. The school shall establish a system of eye exercises twice a day in accordance with the requirements of the Central Document No. 7.

I. prevention first, comprehensive prevention and control. According to the current medical technology, once myopia is formed, the anatomical structure of the eye changes. In addition to the correction of glasses, there is no scientific, reasonable and effective treatment method. The only way to control myopia is to find a solution from the aspect of prevention. The causes of myopia include both genetic and environmental factors. Low myopia, which often occurs in adolescents, is more caused by environmental factors, and myopia caused by acquired environmental factors can be prevented. As long as we really eliminate the acquired environmental factors that lead to myopia, we can prevent the occurrence of myopia, delay the development of myopia and effectively reduce the prevalence of myopia. Therefore, in order to significantly reduce the incidence of myopia, we must adhere to the policy of prevention first and focus our work on prevention. In addition, Because myopia is often the result of the comprehensive action of many factors (i.e. “proximity” factors), and many kinds of “proximity” Factors often exist at the same time or successively, and act at the same time or continuously, such as excessive learning burden, dim light in the learning place, poor eye hygiene habits, etc. Therefore, the prevention of myopia can not only take a single prevention and control measure for a certain factor or a certain link. Comprehensive preventive measures must be taken, that is, to reduce the heavy learning burden, control the time of close eye use, strengthen eye hygiene education, cultivate good eye hygiene habits, improve eye environmental conditions, improve diet and nutrition, and other preventive measures can be implemented at the same time, so as to achieve satisfactory results.


II. Daily measures and unremitting efforts. The occurrence of juvenile myopia is not only the result of a variety of “proximity” factors, but also the result of repeated action of a variety of factors for a long time. If there is no repeated action for a long time, even if a variety of “proximity” factors play a role at the same time, it is impossible to lead to myopia. In addition, In all stages of teenagers’ learning (including kindergartens), there will be all kinds of “proximity” anytime and anywhere Factors, children and adolescents at all stages may have myopia. Therefore, the prevention of myopia can not be effective through short-term prevention and control, let alone through sports practices. Taking prevention and control measures for a period of time can prevent myopia for life. As a regular work, we must adhere to constant efforts, have the awareness of “preventing proximity” from morning to night, from kindergarten to university, implement various “preventing proximity” measures anytime and anywhere, and truly run the “preventing proximity” measures through the whole process of education and teaching. Perseverance and unremitting efforts can produce obvious results.

III. face the whole and highlight the key points. In the current situation that the competitive pressure of entering school can not be effectively alleviated, every young student is faced with the problem of excessive learning burden to varying degrees. In the face of the threat of various “proximity” factors, every young person may have myopia. Therefore, to prevent myopia, we must face all students, and start from kindergartens, carry out “near prevention” publicity and education for each student, cultivate eye hygiene habits, and take a variety of comprehensive preventive measures. However, the situation of each student is different, and the “proximity” factors of different people or different stages will be different. We must carry out classified guidance according to the situation of different students on the basis of facing all students, highlight key stages and take targeted preventive measures for key groups, so as to achieve twice the result with half the effort. First, we should focus on the higher grades of primary school and junior middle school. The national survey on students’ physical health shows that “the period when the rate of poor eyesight increases fastest is between the ages of 13 and 16”. This period “is not only a period when teenagers enter junior and senior high schools and their schoolwork burden increases sharply, but also the most vigorous stage of youth development”, “In the future, the prevention and treatment of poor vision rate (especially myopia) should focus on junior middle school” 。 The second is to focus on students with marginal vision or students with family myopia genetic factors. Students with marginal vision have begun to have vision loss. If they don’t take measures in time, they will become myopia immediately. Students with family genetic factors of myopia are often more likely to suffer from myopia. Therefore, we must take these people as key prevention and control objects, strengthen work and strengthen the pertinence of prevention.

IV. division of labor and full participation. All links of school education, teaching and family education may produce “proximity” factors, which need the joint participation of all teachers and parents, and eliminate these “proximity” factors in time. In addition, the improvement of teaching environment conditions, the arrangement of teaching time and activities, and the regular examination of students’ eyesight also need the participation of other relevant departments and personnel. Therefore, the prevention of myopia must be combined with school and family. School leaders, heads of relevant departments, head teachers, teachers, school doctors and students’ parents should pay attention to and manage together, so as to form a prevention and control mechanism of mutual cooperation between school and family and full participation, so as to eliminate various factors leading to myopia anytime and anywhere. In order to ensure that all relevant members of the school and family play a full role, it is necessary to clarify the responsibilities of school leaders, department heads, head teachers, teachers, school doctors and students’ parents, so as to make them bear their respective responsibilities and jointly do a good job in “preventing proximity”. In particular, the leading role of head teachers and parents should be emphasized, and the “proximity prevention” work should be included in the responsibilities of head teachers as an important index for assessing head teachers; Let parents take the prevention of myopia as an important measure to promote their children’s healthy growth and success, and earnestly undertake the task of “preventing myopia” in the family environment.

comprehensive countermeasures to prevent and control myopia

first, strive to reduce the burden of students’ eyes.

should strive to reduce the students’ heavy schoolwork burden. Excessive schoolwork burden is an important reason for students to use their eyes for too long and lead to myopia. We must take reducing students’ excessive schoolwork burden as the primary task to prevent juvenile myopia. Schools should strive to improve teachers’ teaching level, constantly improve teaching methods and improve classroom teaching efficiency; Strictly control students’ study time at school and boarding students’ evening self-study time, and resolutely stop the phenomenon of arranging students to make up classes on holidays. The educational administration department shall regulate the number of tests, examinations and homework of each disciplineSet, strictly control the number of tests, examinations and the total amount of homework, appropriately increase the open book examination subjects, and reduce the examination contents of rote memorization. We should select homework, avoid repetitive and mechanical homework, and effectively reduce the amount of homework. The educational administration department shall strengthen supervision and inspection in strict accordance with the requirements of the regulations, so as to implement the relevant regulations and truly reduce the heavy schoolwork burden of students.


should strictly control the time of using computers, watching TV and playing video games. Due to the gradual popularization of television, computers and various electronic game consoles, teenagers spend a lot of time watching TV, using computers and playing electronic game consoles, Especially with computers The electronic radiation from using eyes and computers for a long time at close range (especially on the Internet) has become another important factor leading to juvenile myopia. Therefore, school teachers and parents, especially parents, must strictly control, especially the time of watching TV, using computers and playing video games at one time. In the absence of relevant regulations, it can be used With reference to the time of a class in primary and secondary schools, the time for children to use computers, watch TV and play video games at one time shall not exceed 40min, and the time for using computers shall be strictly and tightly controlled.

II. Strive to improve students’ eye hygiene environment and conditions

improving students’ eye hygiene environment and conditions plays a very important role in reducing students’ eye burden and forming correct eye hygiene habits. While striving for the government to increase the investment, the school should arrange the necessary funds to improve the teaching and health conditions to meet the standards and requirements set by the state. The school logistics management department shall be specifically responsible for the improvement of the school’s teaching and health conditions, be familiar with the national standards and requirements on teaching and health equipment, regularly inspect the lighting, lighting, blackboard, desks and chairs of the school classroom, and timely supplement or replace the corresponding facilities and equipment according to the situation, so as to ensure that the lighting, desks and chairs of the classroom meet the basic health standards. Adjustable desks and chairs can be selected where conditions permit, but they must be adjusted in time according to the height of students. The blackboard shall be intact without damage and glare. Regularly paint the classroom so that the walls and ceiling of the classroom are white or light. The windows shall be made of colorless transparent glass, and the ratio of glass to ground in the classroom shall not be less than 1:6. The head teacher shall regularly adjust the students’ seats, and adjust the students’ seats back and forth, left and right, so as to adjust the students’ eye distance and improve the students’ eye environment. The class capacity shall be strictly controlled to keep the front edge of the desk in front of the classroom at a distance of more than 2m from the blackboard.

III. vigorously carry out the publicity and education of popular science knowledge on the prevention of myopia.

should strengthen the publicity and education on the protection of eyesight and the prevention of myopia for all students, and cultivate students’ good eye hygiene habits. At the beginning of each semester, students should be publicized and educated about eye hygiene. Before the holiday, we should put forward specific requirements for students on how to protect their eyesight and prevent myopia. 6 a year? 6 “eye love day” should use various forms to carry out a centralized publicity and education on the prevention of myopia. We should publicize and educate students through health education classes, blackboard newspapers, wall newspapers, billboards, class meetings and other forms, so that every student can understand the basic knowledge of preventing myopia and master scientific eye use methods. Class teachers should pay attention to cultivating students’ good eye hygiene habits. All teachers should pay attention to students’ eye hygiene, pay close attention to students’ reading and writing posture during class, and correct them in time if they find them incorrect; It is also necessary to consciously control the time for students to use their eyes at close range, so that students can see far and near alternately in the teaching process, so as to shorten the time for one-time continuous use of their eyes at close range.

IV. adhere to the system of eye exercises twice a day.

eye exercises play the role of dredging meridians, nourishing qi and blood, eliminating eye fatigue, relaxing eye muscles, improving vision and preventing myopia through acupoint massage. The school shall establish a system of eye exercises twice a day in accordance with the requirements of the Central Document No. 7. The educational administration department of the school shall fix the time of doing eye exercises in the teaching plan and timetable, and uniformly play the accompanying music of eye exercises at the time of eye exercises; The head teacher should seriously organize and urge the students to do eye exercises. In order to ensure that the students can achieve accurate and in place acupoint massage with appropriate strength, the students, especially the junior students, should be trained and guided so that each student can master the methods and essentials of doing eye exercises; In the whole process of doing eye exercises, students should be urged to do eye exercises carefully according to the requirements, so as to really protect their eyesight and prevent myopia. In order to ensure that all classes do eye exercises carefully, students’ cadres or young pioneers can organize cross inspection between classes and carry out evaluation activities of eye exercises.

v. establish student vision examination system

regular examination of students’ vision is the basic work to timely find the changes or decline of students’ vision, implement classified guidance and management for students with different vision, take targeted measures and improve the effect of comprehensive prevention. The school shall establish a system of regularly checking students’ eyesight, make specific arrangements for regularly checking students’ eyesight, and arrange school doctors or health care teachers to monitor the eyesight of all students twice a semester, so as to timely understand the changes of students’ eyesight and the trend of eyesight decline. On the basis of regular visual examination, students’ visual acuity files should be established to guide and manage students with different visual acuity. Parents shall be informed of the results of vision examination in time, so that parents can understand the changes of students’ vision and cooperate with corresponding preventive measures. For students with “critical vision”, decreased vision and students with family myopia genetic factors, it is necessary to appropriately increase the number of vision examinations and strengthen targeted guidance. For students with decreased vision, in particular, parents should be informed in time and urged to take their children to the hospital for examination and corresponding correction. Each class classroom can be equipped with and pasted with paper vision chart, so that the head teacher can organize students to have vision examination or students’ self-examination.

VI. scientifically and reasonably arrange students’ work and rest and sports activities. The Central Document No. 7 of

emphasizes the need to “formulate and implement a scientific and standardized student work and rest system to ensure that primary school students sleep 10h a day, junior middle school students 9h and senior high school students 8h” and “ensure that students exercise 1H a day”。 Therefore, the school educational administration department should strictly implement the national regulations on the total number of weekly class hours in primary and secondary schools, and arrange teaching time within the total number of weekly class hours, that is, in the overall teaching arrangement, do not break through the total number of class hours at will, prolong students’ learning time or prolong students’ school time; In the teaching arrangement of various disciplines, the teaching time of various disciplines shall be arranged according to the requirements of national regulations. Do not arbitrarily compress the class hours of non examination subjects, increase the class hours of examination subjects, and ensure the implementation of physical education class hours. Sports activities, especially outdoor sports activities, are conducive to seeing far, relaxing the regulating muscles of the eyes, and play an important role in preventing myopia. We must ensure that students have 1 hour of sports time every day. On the day when there is no physical education class, students should be organized to have 1H collective physical exercise after class in the afternoon; Arrange 25-30 minutes of large recess sports activities every morning, and organize students to do radio exercises and carry out collective sports activities. In particular, boarding schools should scientifically arrange work and rest time, cultivate students’ good living habits, and take necessary measures to urge students to go to bed and get up regularly to ensure their necessary sleep time.

VII. Reasonably arrange and improve students’ nutrition

many scholars at home and abroad believe that “malnutrition and vitamin A deficiency are the causes of myopia”, “children with small appetite develop myopia quickly, especially those who eat less animal protein”, “too much sweets can contribute to the occurrence and development of myopia”, “The amount of zinc in adolescents with myopia is low”. Therefore, in order to protect students’ eyesight and prevent teenagers’ myopia, we must pay attention to nutritional improvement and comprehensively improve teenagers’ physique. First of all, we should strengthen the nutrition education for young students, teach students scientific knowledge of nutrition through various forms, cultivate students’ scientific concept of nutrition and good eating habits, avoid picky eating, partial eating, balanced diet and ensure the intake of various nutrients. At the same time, the school canteen and parents should provide students of different ages with a variety of balanced meals according to their nutritional needs, so as to ensure the intake of protein and various nutrients and meet the nutritional needs of teenagers’ growth and development. In addition, we should consciously provide and guide teenagers to eat more foods rich in vitamin A and appropriately control the intake of sweets in the senior grade of primary school and junior middle school with high incidence of myopia. By comprehensively improving nutrition, focus on supplementing the above special nutrients to enhance the comprehensive role of protecting vision and preventing myopia.

VIII. Give full play to the important role of parents

young students come home from school almost the same time as in school, and stay at home all day on weekends and holidays. If parents do not pay attention to their children’s vision protection, there are likely to be many factors leading to myopia. Therefore, we should attach great importance to the role of parents in preventing juvenile myopia. The head teacher should strengthen communication with parents, timely report the changes of children’s vision and the specific requirements for the prevention of myopia, publicize the relevant knowledge of the prevention of myopia to parents, let parents cooperate in the prevention of myopia, and truly form a joint force of schools and parents. Parents should improve the lighting conditions of the family and equip their children with tables and chairs suitable for their height; Timely correct children’s bad eye hygiene habits and help them develop correct reading and writing posture and eye hygiene habits; After children read and write for 1h, they should be urged to rest for a while, do eye exercises or outdoor activities for a while, and look into the distance or the sky to relax their eye regulating muscles; We should control the time when children watch TV, use computers and play video games; Don’t increase children’s learning burden at will, and arrange children to participate in too many tutorial classes; Encourage and urge children to participate in outdoor activities and lead children to participate in outdoor sports activities together; We should standardize and reasonably arrange children’s work and rest time to ensure that they have enough sleep time; We should provide children with nutritious and balanced meals to ensure the needs of children’s growth and development.


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