After school, how to prevent children from becoming myopia?!

Abstract: refractive development files form children’s refractive development files by regularly recording children’s height, eye axis, corneal curvature, intraocular pressure and refractive state, which can closely track children’s visual health development. After the

school starts, children have to face heavy schoolwork. Excessive eye use leads to the decline of vision of many children. How to prevent children from becoming myopia? The best way to prevent and control children’s myopia is to establish refractive development files.

what is the refractive development profile?


refractive development files form a child’s refractive development file by regularly recording the child’s height, eye axis, corneal curvature, intraocular pressure and refractive state, which can closely track the child’s visual health development. For example, if there was no myopia last year and myopia was found this year, or myopia has made rapid progress this year, we can analyze the reasons for the development of myopia according to the refractive development files. For example: last year was 100 degrees myopia, this year is 300 degrees myopia. In the past, optometry only talked about the increase of the total power, but did not know the specific reasons for the increase of myopia. Now it can be found through the establishment of refractive development files (is the 200 degree myopia caused by the increase of ocular axis or the change of corneal curvature?) due to different myopia prevention and control methods in different situations, we can put forward more targeted myopia prevention and control schemes according to the types of myopia.

The most important thing is optometry. We should determine what the existing refractive state is. We should pay attention to that poor vision is not necessarily myopia, but also hyperopia, astigmatism, amblyopia, etc. Vision is not necessarily normal refractive state, may be astigmatism, hyperopia, or even keratoconus!

why do you want to establish a refractive development file

“However, ordinary optometry usually only depends on the total refractive state of the eye and the degree of myopia. It does not analyze the specific type of myopia, whether it is axial myopia or refractive myopia. As a result, it only adopts the one size fits all treatment method of matching glasses when myopia is found, and the control of myopia is often not ideal. Through medical optometry, the refractive development files for children are established and checked regularly, forming a near-infrared vision Depending on the prevention and monitoring system, we can find the signs of myopia in time and prevent it in advance. ”