At the beginning of school, don’t let myopia become a “stumbling block” for children

Abstract: before optometry, doctors need to understand the patient’s medical history, check whether the patient has eye diseases, and then decide what method to use for optometry. People need to wear glasses, often because of vision loss. At this time, they need to eliminate the vision loss caused by other diseases, which is responsible for their own eyes.

optometry: “immediately desirable” not desirable

when it comes to optometry and glasses, many people say that there are computer optometry in many optical shops along the road. It will be “immediately desirable” in a few minutes. Do you still need to take special time out of the summer vacation to do optometry in the hospital? In fact, there is a lot of knowledge. Especially for the young people who have glasses for the first time, the accuracy of optometry is very important, and even determines their future vision level.

medical optometry is very important and key for teenagers under the age of 12 who have glasses for the first time. Optometry has a standard process:

1. Check the eye disease

before optometry, the doctor needs to understand the patient’s medical history and check whether the patient has eye diseases, and then decide what method to use for optometry. People need to wear glasses, often because of vision loss. At this time, they need to eliminate the vision loss caused by other diseases, which is responsible for their own eyes. And glaucoma patients can never do atropine mydriasis.

2. Mydriatic optometry

when many parents hear that they want mydriasis, they are like a big enemy. In fact, whether to do mydriatic examination is judged by the doctor. Mydriatic examination can understand the child’s diopter and whether there is amblyopia and strabismus. For some children with strabismus and refractive problems, the degree of strabismus may decrease or even disappear after wearing myopia or hyperopia glasses, so as to avoid surgery. There are two ways of


mydriasis examination. One is rapid mydriasis, which is mainly applicable to people over the age of 12. The method is to close their eyes and sit still. The doctor drops the rapid mydriasis potion every 20 minutes. After dropping it twice in a row and resting for 40 minutes, they can do the initial optometry examination. They return to normal 6-8 hours after mydriasis and go to the re examination the next day. This kind of mydriasis has short efficacy time and will not affect children’s study and daily life. It is generally suitable for optometry of older children and adults.


the other is slow mydriasis. Atropine eye ointment is generally used. After the doctor prescribes the medicine, the parents point the medicine to the child at home twice a day for three consecutive days. On the fourth day, they come to the hospital for the first optometry. They start from the first optometry examination day, and then come to the hospital for re optometry on the 21st day. Slow mydriasis can fully paralyze the muscles that control the contraction of the pupil, and the results of optometry will be more accurate. It is suitable for young children, especially those with hyperopia, astigmatism, strabismus and amblyopia. It takes two to three weeks to return to normal after mydriasis. After


mydriasis, the pupil contraction function is lost, and the child will show presbyopia. He can see things far away and can’t see things near, but he can basically act normally. He should try to reduce reading and painting at close distance, and he will feel that the surrounding light is a little harsh. When going out, he must wear a hat with a brim and sunglasses, To prevent the sun from stabbing the eyes.

3. Binocular visual function examination

after two retests, the optometrist will also do a series of subjective binocular visual function examinations for the patient in order to issue a more appropriate prescription, such as single binocular subjective optometry, binocular balance examination, dominant eye examination, binocular visual function examination, etc. Because the eyes of teenagers are still in the development stage, it is necessary to carefully distinguish the status of eye development through inspection, combined with the data of mydriatic optometry, subjective and objective combination, so as to give an accurate medical prescription that is conducive to protecting children’s vision.

4. Trial wearing experiment

optometrists will take out a spectacle frame, which can be inserted with lenses of different degrees. According to the patient’s optometry data, the trial wearing experiment will be carried out to let the patient feel whether the vision is corrected clearly and whether the eyes feel comfortable until it is determined that the patient is comfortable to wear, and the final data will be recorded.

5. Issue a medical prescription

and all other examinations are completed. The optometrist will issue a prescription for medical optometry glasses in combination with the patient’s eye status and mydriatic optometry data. The content is very detailed, including the prescription for detailed data such as pupil distance, binocular diopter, astigmatism and so on. With this prescription, you can choose glasses.

6. Glasses matching and mirror making

the selection of frame should also be based on the “prescription”. Many people go into an optical shop at will to have a computer optometry in a few minutes, and then start to choose their favorite frame. It is estimated that less than half an hour after buying the whole process, and then wait to get the glasses.

in fact, whether the size of the mirror frame matches the pupil distance of the patient, as well as the size, shape and specification of the mirror ring will affect the comfort and correction effect in the future. Select the appropriate frame and qualified lens, and deliver a pair of qualified glasses to the patient only after excellent processing according to the parameters of the prescription, so as to truly realize the significance of glasses correction and treatment.


correction: wear the


corneal shaping lenses at night and take them off during the day. The


corneal shaping lenses are designed and manufactured into a kind of precision hard contact lenses (MCT) with high oxygen permeability materials. The inner surface morphology of the lenses is specially designed according to the cornea curvature and myopia of the wearing eyes, and the lenses have a sustained and mild effect on the cornea, It can reshape the corneal shape. After sleeping at night, you can have clear vision without wearing glasses the next day. Compared with traditional frame glasses,


, MCT can more effectively control the development of juvenile myopia, so that myopia increases by only 17 degrees or less every year, while wearing ordinary frame glasses increases by 85 degrees every year. The effect of MCT is five times that of it, and it has obvious advantages in safety and convenience.

at present, corneal plastic lens is a new technology widely used in foreign countries to treat and prevent the aggravation of myopia, especially for controlling juvenile myopia. It is suitable for children and teenagers who use frame glasses with poor effect, rapid growth of myopia and astigmatism.