be vigilant! Reading serial or vision function is abnormal

Abstract: it is often said that when reading, they always read serial books. This situation is often considered to be caused by lack of concentration. Ophthalmologists said that visual defects or obstacles in both eyes may cause symptoms such as general fatigue and inability to concentrate.

some children are often criticized for reading, carelessness, sleepiness when reading and being unable to sit still when doing their homework. However, experts remind that these are not necessarily caused by children’s carelessness or inability to sit down during learning. Some are caused by abnormal binocular visual function.

Beijing ophthalmologists pointed out that some people with binocular vision defects and obstacles will show headache. As a result, they can’t find out the problem after seeing the neurology department or even the psychology department; There are children who look at things and feel like they are jumping in front of them.

generally speaking, abnormal binocular visual function will cause diplopia, amblyopia, strabismus, loss of stereopsis Visual fatigue (such as eye discomfort, pain, blurred vision, occasional diplopia or word skipping overlap), inability to read for a long time and comfort, and severe cases may also have symptoms such as stiff neck, general weakness, inability to concentrate, rapid development of juvenile myopia and so on.

Therefore, experts remind parents that if the above situation occurs, it is best to take their children to the hospital for binocular visual function examination. If diagnosed, family visual function training programs can be developed to improve children’s visual quality.