Before, during and after myopia laser surgery, this most complete strategy helps you!

Abstract: during the operation, both eyes were opened at the same time, Watch the white light ring (femtosecond operation) and red flashing light (excimer operation). Don’t be nervous. Keep your head still. Don’t nod, shake your head, close your eyes, etc. follow the doctor’s guidance and cooperate to complete the operation;

Friends of myopia, when you decide to have laser treatment, please read this manual carefully to make you understand the treatment process and related matters, so as to actively cooperate with the treatment, because the treatment effect is related to your cooperation. Let’s work together to achieve satisfactory therapeutic effect.

precautions before operation

please inform the doctor in advance if you have special eye diseases or are allergic to drugs.

  1、 One week before operation: stop wearing contact lenses (the longer you stop wearing contact lenses before operation, the better. Please wear frame glasses during the period):

2. 1-3 days before operation: eyedrops of antibiotic eyedrops (such as cola bituo, tobex, etc.);

3, 1 days before the operation: do personal hygiene, avoid overuse of eyes, prevent asthenopia, affect the operation effect, do not make eye makeup, and prohibit the use of objects that remind of Ningli, such as perfume.

precautions during operation

1. Before entering the operating room, please remove your glasses, turn off your mobile phone and other electronic products and give them to your companion for safekeeping;

2. The medical staff will tell you in detail the precautions and cooperation methods during the operation;

3. After entering the preparation room, the staff will disinfect your eyes and face. Do not touch your face with your hands after disinfection;

4. The operation takes about a few minutes without pain;

5. Both eyes were opened at the same time during the operation, Watch the white light ring (femtosecond operation) and red flashing light (excimer operation). Don’t be nervous. Keep your head still. Don’t nod, shake your head, close your eyes, etc. follow the doctor’s guidance and cooperate to complete the operation;

6. Wear eye masks after the operation and leave after the doctor’s examination.

on the day of operation

1. It is normal to have acid eyes, tears, photophobia and foreign body sensation after operation, which can be relieved within 4-6 hours. If the symptoms continue to be unable to be relieved or aggravated, please contact us in time;

2. Do not take off the eye mask on the day of operation;

3. Close your eyes and rest for 4-6 hours after operation. Don’t watch TV, computers, books, newspapers, etc;

  4、 Take medicine 4 hours after LASIK / SBK / femtosecond laser surgery (if necessary) every 2 hours until bedtime. Take medicine according to the doctor’s requirements after PRK / LASEK surgery;

5. Do not eat irritating food, smoke or drink.

postoperative medication method

1. Please indicate the opening date on the bottle when opening the eyedrops. Except for the use date after opening specially indicated in the manual, the period after opening the eyedrops is usually one month.

  2、 LASIK / SBK / femtosecond postoperative ophthalmic drug usage:

1) antibiotic eye solution (e.g. cola bituo, tobex, etc.) 4 times a day;

2) cortical solid fermentation eye solution (e.g. flumeron, ludashu, dianbishu, etc.) shake well before use, 4 times a day, decreasing once every 10 days. (4 times / day for 10 days, 3 times / day for 10 days, 2 times / day for 10 days, 1 time / day for 10 days);

3) artificial tear growth factor eye drops (such as Allie, tearan, weidixi, Jinyinshu, etc.), 4-6 times a day

4) eye lowering leg eye drops (such as sialol maleate, Michelin, pailiming, etc.) twice a day, used at 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

3. The usage of PRK / LASEK after surface surgery should follow the


postoperative precautions


1. On the third day after LASIK / SBK femtosecond surgery, you can often bathe and wash your hair, but you should avoid shampoo and sewage from entering your eyes;

2. Blurred vision may occur early after operation, which can be gradually improved in 2-4 weeks;

3. Do not rub your eyes hard after operation, Do not engage in strenuous antagonistic sports activities (such as weight lifting, boxing, Sanda, bungee jumping, diving, swimming, diving, etc.) to avoid external force colliding with the eyes;

4. When going out for activities, you can wear goggles to prevent sand from entering the eyes. If foreign bodies enter the eyes, please wash them with vitamin eye medicine. If the irritation symptoms are not relieved, please go to the hospital in time;


5. Pay attention to using eyes and avoid working close for a long time, (e.g. reading, watching TV and computer) each time you use your eyes for no more than one hour, look at the distance for ten minutes, consciously blink and watch more green plants when using your eyes, so as not to cause visual fatigue and affect the operation effect;

6. Avoid working and living in air-conditioned room or dry environment for a long time, so as not to cause dry and uncomfortable eyes. Avoid driving for a long time within one month after operation;

7. Try not to smoke or drink. Women should not make up within one month and should not wear eye makeup within three months.

postoperative reexamination time

1. LASIK / SBK / femtosecond postoperative day 1, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years or follow the doctor’s guidance.

2. For PRK / LASEK of surface surgery, please follow the doctor’s guidance and follow-up time.

3. Please bring your follow-up card and all the drugs you are currently using.