Blood tonifying diet for eyes, eye care, anti-aging

Abstract: eye health care and anti-aging. Eyes are the major energy consumption of our body. According to the proportion of volume and energy consumption, they are definitely the top of the list. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the eyes can see things well, which mainly depends on the tonic provided by liver blood. At the same time, the function of the eyes will consume a lot of blood, so there is a saying that “long-term vision hurts blood”., Eye care and anti-aging:

eye care and anti-aging:

problem: dry and red eyes, foreign body feeling. 1 Eat medlar. This traditional Chinese medicine tastes sweet and slightly sour. It is one of the best foods for tonifying liver and kidney essence and blood. After eating, sufficient essence and blood will be produced in the body and rushed to the eyes for “operation” at the first time. The “drought” will soon be alleviated. As dried fruit food and traditional Chinese medicine, it can’t be too little or too much. Reach out and take a small handful. You should eat it every day. Eyes, blood.     2. Close your eyes. Eyes need to “take photos” 20000-40000 times a day. In addition, we can’t live without computers and mobile phones, newspapers and television. Several eyes in various organs are the most tired in a day. Traditional Chinese medicine says “long-term vision hurts blood”, and Yin blood is being consumed in this way. Therefore, if conditions permit, let your eyes rest and close your eyes. Don’t underestimate the short time of a rest. Saving up in a day can also reduce some losses.       3. Apply heat to your eyes. Apply a hot towel at about 60 ℃ to your eyes for 20-30 minutes each time, which can wet the eye surface, activate blood circulation, dredge pulse and brighten your eyes. It has a good effect on alleviating visual fatigue.     4. Do eye exercises. Eye exercises are not only useful to students, but we should also do them once a day. If your eyes are tired, you may have poor Qi and blood. Doing eye exercises can increase the operation of eye Qi and blood, ensure eye nutrition supply, promote tear secretion and relax eye muscles. In the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine, Jin Kemu (Ke means inhibition, restriction and control) is considered as lung Jin Kemu in the Zang Fu organs. In autumn, the lung is hyperactive, so that the liver wood is inhibited, and the Yin fluid of the liver wood is the source of nourishing the eyes. When it is inhibited, the secretion of Yin fluid decreases, so that the eyes will feel dry if they can’t be nourished. Of course, the eyes that used to be dry will be more serious. In fact, in autumn, due to the dry climate, we often feel dry eyes. Generally speaking, this is because the water evaporates faster in a dry environment, and the water in the human body is also easy to consume. Therefore, people tend to feel dry mouth, tight lips and dry eyes in autumn. Many people only pay attention to the impact of climate on eyes. In fact, liver has a great impact on eyes. There is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine that is the relationship between the liver and its eyes, which is called “the liver opens the orifices in the eyes”. The blood and Yin fluid provided by the liver nourish the eyes. It can be said that the liver is the source of eyesight. If the liver is depressed and the secreted blood and Yin fluid are reduced, the eyes will not be nourished and feel dry. And the eyes are easy to dry in autumn. Without the moisture provided by the liver, the eyes are easier to dry. Long term vision can also hurt the liver. The liver clears the eyes, and excessive use of the eyes will also cause damage to the liver. If you often face the computer, you often feel that you can’t see clearly. At this time, you’d better consider protecting your eyes and liver at the same time. Here are some simple and easy to operate herbal teas and meals for nourishing and protecting eyes. You can try them at ordinary times and protect your eyes more before you can use them well. Medicinal tea {chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum appropriate amount, brew with boiling water and drink. Chrysanthemum is rich in vitamin A, which is not only an important substance to protect eye health, but also a good medicine to treat a variety of eye diseases. Chrysanthemum tea can make people clear headed and bright eyes. It is very effective for dry eyes caused by excessive use of eyes. People who often feel dry eyes, especially those who often use computers, can drink more Chrysanthemum tea. Lycium barbarum tea: appropriate amount of Lycium barbarum, brewed with boiling water. Medlar nourishes the liver and brightens the eyes. It is rich in carotene (vitamin A), vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium and iron. It is a good product for nourishing the eyes. Lycium barbarum chrysanthemum tea, Lycium barbarum and chrysanthemum in proper amount, brewed with boiling water. In addition to nourishing the eyes, it is also suitable for dry eye patients with blood deficiency and liver heat. Cassia chrysanthemum hawthorn tea cassia seed (slightly mashed) 10g, chrysanthemum 5g, hawthorn 15g, or the above three flavors in the same proportion, brew in boiling water, cover and simmer for about 30 minutes. For dry eye patients with heat accumulation in liver and stomach and poor diet. Medicinal diet: wolfberry porridge, 20g wolfberry, 60g rice, boiled into porridge with rice. It is very suitable for those patients who often suffer from dizziness, astringent eyes, tinnitus, spermatorrhea, weakness of waist and knee, etc. Chinese wolfberry and pig liver soup: add a proper amount of Chinese wolfberry and pig liver into soup. Pig liver is rich in vitamin A, and the two match to nourish blood and brighten eyes. Wolfberry and mulberry porridge: 5g wolfberry, 5g mulberry, 5g yam, 5 red dates and 100g japonica rice. Lycium barbarum and mulberry nourish blood and brighten eyes, yam and red jujube nourish lung and kidney, replenish qi and strengthen spleen. If people with vision fatigue can have two meals in the morning and evening every day and take it for a long time, they can not only eliminate the symptoms of dry eye fatigue, but also enhance their physical quality. Pig liver mung bean porridge 100g fresh pig liver, 60g mung bean, 100g rice, an appropriate amount of salt and monosodium glutamate. First, cook mung beans and rice together. When they are eight mature, then put the sliced or strip pig liver into the pot and cook together. After cooking, add seasoning. Tonifying the liver and nourishing blood, clearing heat and brightening the eyes, beautifying and moisturizing the skin can make people radiant. It is very suitable for those who have dry eyes, yellow complexion, decreased vision and vague vision.