Can ayurveda treatment to cure myopia?

Indian Ayurvedic Yoga myopia treatment, mainly on the cornea, iris, lens, suspensory ligament, ciliary muscle, ciliary muscle, retina, retinal nerve, blood vessels, so that the function and vitality of the above structures are restored to a certain extent.

Can ayurveda treatment to cure myopia?

Combined with Indian traditional yoga therapy and Ayurveda, a 5000 year old traditional medical system, the physical therapy method adopted is natural, and the materials used are also natural herbs without side effects.

It can promote the blood circulation of eyes, restore the strength of eye tissues, improve vision and eye vitality, and achieve the purpose of treatment and maintenance.

This is very similar to traditional Chinese medicine,

But no one around me has cured myopia through this method,

So don’t comment too much.

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