Can cell phones cause myopia?

Dose cell phones cause myopia?

Looking at the cell phone is a close-up activity, then the eye in this state, ciliary muscles and extraocular muscles will be in a high tension state, so the regulatory role of the eye will be excessive play, which will lead to ciliary muscle spasm. A long time will lead to the occurrence of myopia, which is also the most common cause of myopia.

Can cell phones cause myopia?

Therefore, in order to avoid or prevent the occurrence and development of myopia, it is recommended to maintain a reasonable habit of using eyes at ordinary times. When using computers, cell phones and other electronic products, try to control the time. Generally speaking, it is recommended not to continue for more than half an hour. Half an hour should rest for about ten minutes. It is better not to use more than two hours every day, so as to effectively avoid it Avoid the occurrence of myopia.

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