Can child myopia be reversed?

As long as we accurately find out the specific causes of each child’s myopia and take appropriate and comprehensive measures for the causes, mild myopia can be completely reversed and maintained as long as we grasp the opportunity, carry out effective intervention in the early stage of myopia, and start the self-healing function of the human body. More than 90% of children’s myopia can be controlled;

Can child myopia be reversed?
  1. Myopia, even true myopia, must be reversible. However, the higher the degree, the more difficult it is to recover.
  2. It is very difficult to reverse myopia. It can’t be accomplished easily and overnight. It is necessary to find out the causes of myopia and overcome them one by one, and fight a protracted war. The key is to make children develop good behavior habits and eye habits, and stick to them. If you don’t develop good habits, you can only achieve temporary success and eventually fail.
  3. Children’s cooperation is also crucial, otherwise, reversing myopia will fail.

Warm reminder: the basis and premise of improving vision is to reduce diopter. The most effective way to reduce the diopter is to gradually increase the distance between reading, writing, watching and playing to the maximum of visual distance, that is, to be able to see clearly as far as possible, and gradually reach more than one meter.

When writing, you must straighten your arms, and when you read books, you must use a bookshelf. Gradually put the books in the position as far away as possible 1 meter away. Therefore, it is necessary to extend reading and writing exercises at a distance as far as possible. Remember! Of course, other related training should not be neglected: we must train comprehensively according to the requirements.

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