Can contact lenses cure myopia?

Contact lenses can’t treat myopia. Soft contact lenses are usually used to correct vision or protect eyes. Contact lenses have a good effect in correcting vision, so it is easy to give people a wrong understanding that contact lenses can treat myopia. In fact, according to the current scientific and technological achievements, there is no soft contact lens that can treat myopia. It can only correct ametropia or astigmatism to a certain extent

Can contact lenses cure myopia?

In medicine, contact lens is called “corneal contact lens” by Bai. No matter how good the Du quality of the lens is and how high the oxygen permeability is, it will hinder the eye’s demand for oxygen Dao gas. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene when wearing contact lenses.

Doctors have found that many people wear contact lenses for a long time, which is an important factor in eye diseases such as bacterial keratitis. After all, contact lens is a foreign body placed on the cornea. Every blink of the eye will cause friction between the contact lens and the surface of the eye. At the same time, it covers the surface of the cornea, making it difficult for the cornea to directly absorb oxygen from the air. Therefore, wearing contact lenses for a long time or continuously will keep the cornea in a state of continuous hypoxia, resulting in corneal epithelial edema Erosion, if there are bacteria or viruses, may lead to keratitis, or even corneal ulcer.

Because contact lenses are directly in contact with the cornea, strict hygiene requirements are required. Although many people know this in theory, it is easy to neglect the cleaning of lenses in daily life, either because they are in a hurry, or because they are afraid of trouble, which leads to bacterial infection of the eyes.

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