Can Cure Myopia In A Week Naturally?

I’m happy to answer this question. Whether it’s true myopia or false myopia, it’s impossible to cure it by natural therapy within a week. Some exercise methods can significantly improve and enhance vision within a week. If you want to cure in a week, only through myopia surgery or lens index surgery. But there are risks.

Here’s a quick way to improve your eyesight in a week

Method / step

1.Focus on distant clouds, blue sky, buildings, or mountains for 3-5 minutes between classes or work, and pay attention not to be in the sun. Don’t be afraid of the discomfort of eye muscle relaxation, at this time you may be full of tears, this is a good phenomenon. Tears can wash the dirt in your eyes, stimulate your lacrimal gland, and then stimulate your lens, so that it can recover quickly!

2. Get close to the outdoor green plants and flowers, 1-1.5 m away, and focus on the green leaves for 3-5 minutes. It’s like looking into the green. Compared with your distant view, your eyes will be more comfortable at this time. Focus on green will make your eye photoreceptor strong recovery, natural green can stimulate eye cell recovery!

3. At night in a clear sky, eyes wide, focus on the bright moon or stars in the sky. At this time the eyes may be astringent tears, never give up. The night view is more effective than the day view. Hold on for 20-30 minutes. If you are tired, close your eyes and have a rest.

4. Sit quietly for 20-30 minutes before going to bed, close your eyes and refresh your mind. If you can’t be empty, just meditate.

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