Can cure myopia using law of attraction?

If you really want to treat myopia through the law of attraction, you must first believe from your heart that you do not have myopia, which is difficult for many people.

Can cure myopia using law of attraction?

You have to imagine your vision after recovery in many ways, such as imagining that you go to have your eyesight checked, and the doctor gives you a 5.0 rating, and so on. In addition, you should be positive and eager for vision recovery.

The following is a true story of a man who has cured his myopia for ten years.

“About a year ago, when I came into contact with the book secret, I saw on a forum that someone had cured their myopia with the law of attraction. At that time, I was skeptical, so I didn’t try. A year later, I left my job and began to study all the books I had bought before. I really saw through the book. Now I fully understand the contents of the book and know how to use it.

Law of attraction cures myopia

One day I was walking happily on the road, listening to some soothing music. Suddenly, an idea told me, why do I still wear glasses? I can see very clearly, so I took off my glasses and saw the things around me very clearly. Wearing glasses is the same as not wearing glasses. Hehe, now I don’t have to wear glasses”

In fact, the reason why we usually wear glasses is because our inherent thinking mode thinks that our eyes can’t see it. In fact, our own cell repair ability is very strong. If you think about it, your body discards millions of cells every second, and at the same time produces millions of new cells. Your body is the product of your mind. If you change your mind, you will have a perfect body.

How to get rid of myopia completely using law of attraction?

How to get rid of myopia completely?
  1. Throw away your glasses. The glasses represent our old mode of thinking. We should resolutely go to the old to meet the new. Maybe at the beginning, we will be a bit unaccustomed. It’s normal and there is a process of adaptation.
  2. Tell yourself every day, “my eyes see things more and more clearly”, “my eyes see things very clearly”. Hypnotize until you completely believe that your eyes are OK.
  3. Keep a happy mood, live in gratitude and happiness every day, and thank the universe for bringing you a new body.

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