Can eye exercises cause myopia

summary: looking back, Eye exercises was created by Liu Shiming, director of the physical education teaching and Research Department of Beijing Medical College (now the medical department of Peking University) in 1963 and promoted that year. Except for the six years forced to stop due to the cultural revolution, eye exercises have been implemented in primary and secondary schools in China for 43 years.

the role of eye exercises

Eye exercises is a comprehensive massage method based on traditional Chinese medicine massage, meridian theory and sports medical treatment. By massaging the acupoints around the eyes, it can make the blood in the eyes unobstructed and improve nerve nutrition, so as to eliminate the tension or spasm of ciliary muscle. Practice shows that eye exercises combined with eye hygiene can control new cases of myopia, protect vision and prevent myopia. The Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention conducted trial tracking and effect evaluation of the new version of eye exercises for 300 primary and middle school students. By comparing the changes of students’ visual acuity, mental work ability index and eye blood flow velocity before and after the operation of new and old eye exercises, the evaluation shows that the new eye exercises have an obvious effect on improving students’ visual acuity and alleviating eye fatigue, and each index is better than the current eye exercises. The myopia situation of primary and middle school students in China is not optimistic. It is understood that at present, only China is implementing eye exercises in the world, but the myopia rate of Chinese students ranks second in the world, with 28% for primary school students, 60% for junior middle school students and 85% for senior high school students. In the United States, which does not do eye exercises, the myopia rate is only 25%. In contrast, the rate of myopia in China has reached an abnormal level. In this way, does eye exercises prove to be a harmful factor? The essence of eye exercises is to speed up blood circulation through acupoint massage to achieve the purpose of protecting eyes. No research shows that doing eye exercises will have an adverse impact on vision. In this regard, we can only rely on relevant national departments to give the public a real effect through testing. In addition, many students can press the correct acupoints when doing eye exercises. Whether they insist on doing it seriously will also have a great impact on the effectiveness of eye exercises. Therefore, the high myopia rate can not be blamed only on eye exercises. The high rate of myopia is caused by many reasons, including congenital and acquired factors. Because myopia has a certain genetic tendency, especially for high myopia, high myopia belongs to autosomal recessive inheritance, and general myopia belongs to multifactorial genetic disease. In addition, infants are hyperopia because their eyeballs are small, but with the growth of age, the eye axis is also gradually lengthened, and the development is normal until adolescence. If they are over developed, they will form myopia. This kind of myopia is called simple myopia. The day after tomorrow can be divided into these reasons: 1. The distance between eyes is too close; 2. Use eyes for too long; 3. The lighting light is too strong or too weak; 4. Reading while driving or walking; 5. The desk does not meet the requirements and the writing posture is incorrect; 6. Do not pay attention to eye hygiene.


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