Can eye exercises cure myopia?

Eye health exercises is a kind of eye health gymnastics, mainly by massaging eye acupoints, adjusting blood circulation of eyes and head, regulating muscles, improving eye fatigue and preventing eye diseases such as myopia.

Does eye exercise cure myopia?

The research shows that eye health exercise is a comprehensive massage method based on ancient Chinese medical massage, meridian theory and sports medical treatment. Through the massage of acupoints around the eyes, it makes the blood and blood in the eyes unobstructed and improves the nutrition of nerves.

When the patient has myopia, through doing eye exercises can improve the patient’s visual fatigue symptoms, and can prevent the growth of myopia degree.

Does eye exercise cure myopia?

There is no scientific basis for the statement that eye exercises can treat eyesight, but we can not deny the eye care effect of eye exercises in relieving eye fatigue. At present, there is no scientific evidence to prove that simple eye exercises can treat and correct myopia. The principle of eye health exercises is mainly based on traditional Chinese medicine acupoint massage, which can relieve eye fatigue by massaging muscles around the eyes, dredging the channels and collaterals and Qi and blood.

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