Can eye exercises improve eyesight?

Abstract: teenagers must pay attention to and take eye exercises seriously, not perfunctory. Can

eye exercises improve eyesight? He’s ophthalmologist reminds that many people will fall into this misunderstanding and think that doing eye exercises can improve their eyesight. In fact, true myopia is irreversible, and eye exercises can’t change the fact that they are already myopia. The reason why the school has been promoting eye exercises is that eye exercises play a better health care role in alleviating visual fatigue and preventing myopia.

teenagers use their eyes closely in class, reading and homework every day. Using their eyes closely for a long time can easily lead to eye fatigue, eye acid, eye swelling, unclear vision and other symptoms. If they do not improve their eye habits and behavior, long-term eye fatigue can not be alleviated, it is easy to form myopia or deepen the development of myopia. Eye exercises can improve the blood circulation around the eyes by massaging the acupoints around the eyes, so as to relax the ciliary muscles of the eyes, so as to alleviate eye fatigue. It is very good for the prevention of myopia. Therefore, teenagers must pay attention to eye exercises and take them seriously, not perfunctory. Not only teenagers, but also adults should do more eye exercises after continuous use of computers and mobile phones to alleviate the fatigue and discomfort of eyes after long-time work.




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