Can glasses cure myopia?

Many people asked : can glasses reverse myopia?

Glasses can’t be used to treat myopia, but it can correct myopia. Correction means to improve vision by wearing glasses. Because the glasses are equivalent to a concave lens, so placed in front of the eye will counteract the refractive power brought by myopia. In this way, the eyes can return to the state of emmetropia and see things more clearly. This is also the main principle of correcting myopia at present.

can glasses reverse myopia?

Whether it is frame glasses, or contact lenses, or refractive surgery, the principle is the same, all through this optical effect to change the refractive state of the eye. Although surgery can maintain vision in the normal range without wearing glasses, the principle of the operation is equivalent to making the glasses inside the cornea, that is, thinning the cornea and changing the refractive state of the cornea in this way. So although you can see clearly without wearing glasses, the fact of myopia has not been changed.

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