Can high myopia cause blindness?

Does high myopia cause blindness?

Is your imaginary high myopia like this

Can high myopia cause blindness

“It’s no big deal with high myopia. It’s just that the myopia is higher and the glasses are thicker.”

The idea is too superficial. In ophthalmic clinic, high myopia is one of the important causes of blindness.

Is high myopia myopic how many degrees? Adults with myopia of 600 degrees or above belong to high myopia.

Why is high myopia more likely to be blind? There are many high myopia in life, is it too alarmist? Not really.

Why is the probability of blindness of high myopia bigger?

In life, the main eye diseases causing blindness include cataract, glaucoma, fundus lesions, etc. Although high myopia itself will not be directly blind, it will cause many complications that can cause blindness. Therefore, high myopia is one of the important causes of blindness.

Compared with those with normal vision or low myopia degree, the axial length of high myopia is longer, and the longer the axial length, the higher the myopia degree. The ocular axis refers to the anterior and posterior axis of the eyeball, which is similar to the diameter of the eyeball. The longer the diameter is, the thinner the eyeball wall is. After the retina on the eyeball wall becomes thinner, the probability of retinal degeneration, tear, detachment, subretinal neovascularization and posterior scleral staphyloma is higher, which will lead to the decrease of eyesight and even blindness.

In addition, the age of cataract in high myopia may be earlier than that of normal vision, and the probability of glaucoma is higher than that of normal vision. Cataract is one of the main eye diseases leading to blindness, and blindness caused by glaucoma can not be recovered at present.

How to prevent blindness caused by high myopia?

How to prevent blindness caused by high myopia?

Although the probability of blindness of high myopia is higher than that of ordinary people, it is not helpless to face the harm of high myopia.

  1. First of all, we should prevent ourselves from developing into high myopia. Especially in adolescence, myopia deepens faster. We must take care of our eyes to prevent myopia from deepening too fast,
  1. Check your eyes regularly. If you are an adult who has become highly myopic, it is recommended to check the eyes once a year. When there are a lot of abnormal symptoms such as flying mosquito disease, visual field defect and eye shadow, you should check and see a doctor at the first time to prevent further deterioration.

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