Can high myopia cause glaucoma?

High myopia does not necessarily have glaucoma. High myopia will increase the incidence of glaucoma, which may lead to the onset of glaucoma or increase the incidence rate.

Can high myopia cause glaucoma?

High myopia is mainly caused by the extension of the eye axis, and can lead to thinning of the retina and reduced nutrition, may affect part of the aqueous humor circulation, leading to elevated intraocular pressure, leading to glaucoma. Controlling high myopia can reduce the incidence rate of glaucoma. At the same time, if it is a high myopia patient, it is necessary to check the IOP and fundus once a year or a year, and eliminate such serious problems as glaucoma or cataract and fundus lesions.

That is to say, high myopia should be checked every six months to a year, which is very good for the eyes themselves.


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