Can high myopia wear contact lenses



can you wear contact lenses for high myopia? Precautions for high myopia recipes for high myopia recommend precautions for wearing contact lenses

many people have poor physique and weak body. There are also some bad habits. They always use their eyes too much, especially those with high myopia. Often, it will become more serious and cause great damage to the eyes. Often wear some thick glasses, which are very heavy, will affect your appearance and have a lot of trouble. Follow apple green health network.

can you wear contact lenses for high myopia?

should generally be determined according to your constitution or the degree of your eyes. It’s best to go to the hospital for examination and wear them according to the doctor’s advice or guidance. But it’s best to go to some large and regular hospitals, not to some small clinics, which will be misdiagnosed and the equipment is not good. Even if you wear it, it won’t take too long. It will do great harm to the eyes, the degree is easy to deepen, and there will be many other complications. If there is astigmatism, wearing contact lenses is not very suitable, because it has no astigmatism.


will infect many bacteria and do great harm to eyes if you don’t pay attention to hygiene during wearing. Wear too long, the eye mask is also easy to lack of oxygen, will be uncomfortable, very uncomfortable. If it exceeds 600 degrees, you’d better not wear it. Your eyesight will decline faster. You’d better wear framed glasses. But when wearing, it should be noted that for people with high myopia, it is best to buy some small frames instead of large ones, which will be very heavy and ugly and affect their appearance. Don’t wear those rimless frames. When you wear them, the exposed part will be very thick, which will visually look thicker and affect your appearance.


even if they are invisible, they should be disinfected frequently, pay attention to hygiene, and wear them after washing their hands. When you take it down, you should also wash your hands. If you use some detergent, it will be cleaner. However, people with often inflamed and swollen eyes should not wear it, which will aggravate this symptom, make it more difficult to recover and have a deeper degree. If you wear it often, the cornea will become thinner, and you can’t do some vision correction surgery in the future.

precautions for high myopia

every time you read a book, don’t take too long. You should have a rest in about an hour. See more green and distant things. Doing some health exercises can relieve fatigue and is good for your eyes. If you do it several times a day, your physique will be better and healthier. But when doing it, don’t use too much force. The method should be correct.


go outdoors more and breathe some fresh air, which will make you more cheerful and feel better. It’s also good for the eyes. The degree won’t deepen so easily. Check your eyesight often, preferably once a year. If it deepens, take some measures to re match your glasses. Or eat more green, vitamin rich things, fruits, etc., will be healthier and good for your eyes.


usually, don’t do too long and violent exercise, especially on the head, which will easily make the retina fall off. It’s bad for eyes, it’s very harmful, and it’s easy to be blind. Don’t eat spicy and irritating things, such as garlic. It’s bad for your eyes and the degree will deepen. It’s not good for your body. It’s also bad for your stomach. Give up some bad behaviors, such as drinking. It is not good for blood vessels, it is easy to expand, and it is not good for eyes, it is easy to inflammation, bleeding, etc.

recipes for high myopia. It is recommended that

can eat things with more protein, such as eggs, which will have better physique, better immunity and less illness. It is also good for eyes. If you eat it often, the degree will not deepen so easily and will be healthier. Or eat more calcium, such as beef bones, which can be easily absorbed and is good for the body. If you eat regularly, you will have better resistance and easy digestion. Eat with other things, such as pumpkin, which is more nutritious and easier to be absorbed. It’s also good for eyes. If you eat it often, the degree won’t deepen so easily.


or eat something rich in zinc, such as kelp, at a very affordable price, which everyone can afford. Eating properly every day can add a lot of energy, make people work more efficiently, have more spirit and vitality, and can be easily absorbed. If you eat regularly, your eyes will not be so easy to get inflamed and the degree will not deepen so quickly. You can also eat some grapes, which has good health care effect and is also good for your eyes. If you eat them often, it won’t be so easy to get inflamed.

precautions for wearing contact lenses

generally don’t wear it for too long, preferably less than 10 hours, otherwise it will cause great damage to the eyes and the degree will be deeper. Don’t wear it every day. It’s best to wear it for an hour. You should rest or wear it every few days. It will be healthier. When wearing, it’s best to buy some regular and large brands. Don’t buy some miscellaneous brands. There will be a lot of risks and it’s bad for your eyes. Often wear, but also easy to infection, inflammation and so on. When wearing, you should always change the water, and the box should also be changed and disinfected frequently, so as to reduce bacteria and be healthier. After wearing it for a period of time, you should often go to the hospital to check your eyes and wear it according to the doctor’s guidance.

above is some knowledge about high myopia. In this case, if we follow some of the methods mentioned above, we will be healthier, better physique, better resistance, less sick, and the degree will not be so easy to deepen. In addition, eat more light, vitamin rich things, your eyes will be better.

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