Can lutein reverse myopia?

There is a macular area on the retina of the eye, and there is a fovea in the middle. It is the most sensitive part of vision. It can transmit the color image in the middle of the visual field to the brain in time. So the eyes can’t see anything without the macular area.

Can lutein reverse myopia?

Lutein is the main nutrient source of macular area. It gathers around the macular area, mainly to dissolve harmful light. Everything we see every day depends on the macula, with good light coming into the eye and harmful light coming into the eye.

In order to protect the health of the retina, the eye consumes a lot of lutein every day to dissolve harmful light.

Lutein cannot be synthesized automatically in human body. It must be supplemented by external intake, that is to eat more green vegetables and citrus fruits.

When lutein is insufficient, the macular area is in an unprotected state. In order not to be poisoned by toxic light, the eyes have to take evasive measures, and strive to adjust the eyeball to keep the macula away from the intersection of light.

As a result, the anterior and posterior diameters of the eyeball become longer, and the visual imaging falls in front of the macula This is myopia. Eye performance: dry eye, eye swelling, eye pain, eye congestion, fear of light, tears, eye fatigue. If lutein is not supplemented in time, especially after wearing glasses, the degree of glasses will continue to increase. What’s more, when harmful light damages the macula of the retina, it will lead to insomnia.

More than 300 clinical studies have proved that retinopathy is nearly treatable, and the invention of lutein can save more than 10 million people’s vision every year. Supplement lutein every day, effectively relieve visual fatigue, reduce TV, computer stroboscopic and radiation damage to eyes. If combined with traditional Chinese medicine hot moxibustion treatment and distant vision training, vision improvement will be faster.

Therefore, lutein supplements the eye macular region the nutrition, may protect the vision, may absorb the harmful blue light. Lutein alone can not reverse myopia, need to cooperate with other methods.

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