Can myopia and presbyopia be offset?

Abstract: presbyopia glasses are the same as myopia. There are degrees. The degree of presbyopia patients in the initial stage is about 100 degrees to 150 degrees, while the magnifying glass is equivalent to 1000 ~ 2000 degrees.

and “old flower” belong to physiological phenomena, which are mainly manifested in unclear proximity. Everyone will be “old flower”, which can not be avoided. It just varies from person to person, and the time of occurrence is different sooner or later.

  1. From the usual distance to see small characters, there are double shadows or can’t see clearly;

  2. When reading in close range, you can only see it from a distance, and your reading endurance decreases;

  3. Closer reading requires brighter lighting;

  4. Seeing near can’t last long. Over time, it will cause eye swelling, eye acid, and even headache and irritability.

if you have the above symptoms, it may indicate that your old flower has come to the door. Why are the presbyopias of




people once said that “if you don’t spend, you’ll be forty-eight”. Now Lao Huayan is forty years old ahead of time. Why? In addition to some congenital reasons, the main external reason for


is the excessive use of electronic products, that is, the so-called “smart phone aging” phenomenon: patients have early symptoms of aging such as reduced zoom ability due to long-term use of smart phones and excessive eye fatigue.

heard that myopia and presbyopia will offset?

myopia and presbyopia cannot be offset because they are fundamentally different from pathology.

myopia is due to ametropia, while the old flower is the degeneration and loss of elasticity of the lens. Clinically, the old flower of myopia patients will be slightly lighter than that of ordinary patients, but the degree of “slowing down” is quite limited.

patients with severe myopia and presbyopia should use presbyopia glasses when reading, and use myopia glasses when looking at a distance, which is more inconvenient than ordinary presbyopia patients.

magnifying glass = reading glasses?


magnifying glasses instead of reading glasses do great harm to the eyes.


presbyopia glasses are the same as myopia. The degree of presbyopia patients in the initial stage is about 100 degrees to 150 degrees, while the magnifying glass is equivalent to 1000 ~ 2000 degrees.


are like wearing inappropriate glasses. Reading with a magnifying glass will make your eyes very tired and even aggravate the degree of aging. If you indulge your eyes for a long time, it will be difficult to find the right degree when you match them with reading glasses. Patients with


presbyopia should seek medical treatment and optometry in time, wear or replace appropriate presbyopia glasses, which can not only ensure the clarity of vision, but also delay the deepening of presbyopia.

prevention and treatment of presbyopia

rational use of eyes

since childhood, adults have always stressed the need to protect their eyesight for fear of myopia in the future. Some people are lucky not to get myopia when they reach adulthood, and think they don’t need to protect their eyesight all their life. This is a big mistake! No matter how old you are, you can’t read, watch TV or play computer for a long time; You can’t use your eyes in strong light, and of course you can’t lack light; Should often look into the distance and green plants, and often do eye exercises.


eat the food “loved” by the eyes.


wolfberry, cassia seed and chrysanthemum can make tea and porridge. They are famous things that can brighten the eyes. You can also eat more foods rich in vitamins to protect the retina. Such as chicken, fish, lean meat, eggs, animal liver, green vegetables and fruits, we should consciously eat more at ordinary times.

eat less spicy food

when you get to a certain age, don’t spell wine at the party. It’s bad for the liver and eyes. And garlic, although it can kill bacteria and improve the body’s immunity, don’t eat more for the sake of eyes, especially raw garlic! Other spicy foods include ginger, pepper, pepper and so on. No matter how good the food is, it should be enough.

turn your eyes more

turn your eyes is also an eye movement, and this movement is simple and easy. If you have nothing to do, turn your eyes and blink, so as to prevent eye fatigue and keep it alive all the time.


often hot compress


. When washing your face, apply more hot towels to your eyes to make blood circulation around your eyes, and blood vessels can deliver more nutrition and oxygen to your eyes. Make your eyes more divine. If you have presbyopia, you can also use the above prevention methods to slow down the deepening of the degree.