Can myopia and presbyopia offset each other?

Abstract: the so-called presbyopia is that in the process of people’s gradual aging, the lens regulating function is also declining with aging. At this time, the focus of the object does not fall on the retina, and people begin to lose sight of the object.

is not confused at forty, but knows destiny at fifty. Even if you are more unrestrained and unrestrained in the workplace, you will find that some clues reveal the secrets of age, such as


. As the saying goes, “if you don’t spend, you will be forty-eight”. Most people will have presbyopia when they are about 48 years old. There is a saying in life that people with myopia will not get presbyopia when they are old. However, many people have doubts: are people with myopia less likely to suffer from presbyopia? Myopia needs to wear concave lenses, while presbyopia needs to wear convex lenses. In this way, positive and negative subtraction just offsets. How can you be dazzled? The so-called presbyopia of


is that in the process of people’s aging, the lens regulating function is also declining with aging. At this time, the focus of the object does not fall on the retina, and people begin to lose sight of the object.

in fact, people with myopia will still be old, but the lens degree is different. Those who believe that myopia and presbyopia can offset each other are absolutely optimists, because the negative faction may think that the two come together and can’t see the far and the near!

in fact, presbyopia and myopia have different pathological sources. One is the weakening of lens elasticity and the aging of ciliary muscle; The other is ametropia. The reason why some people often think that myopia can offset old flowers is that compared with people with normal vision, people with myopia are not sensitive to old flowers, so they will perceive their old flowers later than people with normal vision.

myopia and presbyopia can’t get zero as some people do, but cruel “1 + 1 = 2”.


are old flowers. What can you do?

  1. Adjust the environment, Reduce symptoms


(1) improve brightness: at the beginning of old flowers, they may not be able to see clearly in the dark. At this time, a desk lamp can be placed between books and eyes by enhancing the indoor light and using dual lighting.


can not only increase the contrast of reading materials, but also narrow the pupils, increase the focal depth and improve vision;

(2) adjust the font size and color of reading materials: generally, black and white reading materials are easier to distinguish;

(3) appropriate rest: avoid long-term close reading to avoid eye pain, eye acid and other visual fatigue, and pay attention to the combination of close viewing and far viewing.

2. Wear right glasses and correct your eyesight

Laohua can compensate for the lack of adjustment force by wearing a convex lens. It is recommended to go to eye hospitals and other formal medical institutions for fitting. At present, presbyopia friends need to comprehensively consider the refractive status, eye habits and lens wearing comfort of presbyopia. The following lenses:


single focus: This is the simplest choice, which is more suitable for the initial choice of presbyopia without glasses, but reading glasses are only suitable for close viewing, You can’t see objects at a medium distance (such as playing mahjong). You need to keep wearing and taking them off in daily life and work. You can’t see from a distance. People with myopia or hyperopia must have two glasses for replacement.

Bifocal: grind two different diopters on the same lens to become the lens of two visual areas, that is, bifocal or bifocal glasses, but the distance between vision is unclear, and there is a “jumping phenomenon”, which may lead to falling when walking down the stairs.


progressive multifocal lens: progressive multifocal lens not only has hyperopia area and myopia area, but also has clear medium distance viewing area. Therefore, it overcomes the trouble of putting on and removing single focus lens, but also overcomes the embarrassment, medium distance blur and jumping phenomenon of bifocal lens. Its fitting is complex and requires exquisite fitting technology.