Can myopia be reversed naturally?

How is myopia formed? It’s our eye habits and environment that make us always look close, right? Is there a temporary impairment of visual function? We are not tired of myopia. We always look close, tired should be near, also not clear is tired, right? But we don’t have far sight (the real meaning of far seeing is to see the details clearly, that is, to see far away, not to the distance or to see far away!)

Can myopia be reversed naturally?

Under what circumstances can we have problems with eye development? It’s glasses!!!! Those who artificially change refractive conditions to correct vision will make our eyes tend to abnormal development!

Take glasses as an example: because of our habit of using our eyes, we have reduced our far sighted function. At this time, we have traditionally understood that wearing glasses. What is the function of that glasses?? In this sense, it will weaken the ciliary muscle adjustment function, and it is impossible to restore the normal visual function. It will only promote the reduction of visual function! What is the condition of wearing glasses Because glasses bring the distant scenery closer through refraction, the nearer will be closer, and it will be very tired to see close at first. The reason is that the glasses pull the normal near scene image behind the retina. We have to see the near place clearly, and the ciliary muscle contraction is needed to change the lens curvature to offset the refraction caused by the glasses! Is our eye development still normal?? With the increasing power of glasses, our eye development will be more and more abnormal: atrophy of the eyeball deformation eyes protruding!! At present, doctors and optometrists will not recognize and tell us about this problem!

With the above understanding, do we still think that myopia is irreversible?? The irreversibility that authority tells us is because there is no action to reverse it? Is myopia true or false? (is it reliable to judge whether the eye axis is true or false? When it comes to mydriasis, it is a kind of anesthetic for ciliary muscles, which makes the ciliary muscles temporarily lose their regulatory function and relax. This problem needs to be explained as follows: it is effective for ciliary muscle diastolic function in the short term, but not in the long term. Is it true myopia

Myopia is only a normal physiological phenomenon of human body. The reason why we are confused is that we are misled by traditional cognition. In fact, if vision function is reduced, there will be improvement. It’s just that most of this problem is dominated by individuals themselves, which is the same as our academic performance and physical fitness. Intelligence, physical quality, vision function these three are similar, all need individual effort to improve and perfect, this is the key point of the problem!!

With the above cognition, we need to do something to change the current situation of myopia? Without the correct understanding of myopia, the problem of myopia will not be solved. The so-called prevention and control of myopia will only indirectly promote the development of myopia!

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