Can myopia be reversed?

Can and

myopia be reversed and restored?

myopia is just a normal physiological phenomenon of the human body! The reason why it has become a world problem is because of our wrong cognition! There’s a saying that’s right. We’re not afraid that we don’t understand the cognition of myopia. We’re afraid that we still believe in the wrong cognition!! This is the key to artificially complicating myopia!!


glasses and surgery were originally just a kind of compensation and correction behavior for people with poor eye development and visual function defects, and we overused this behavior, resulting in more and more people with healthy and normal vision in the society becoming visual disabilities!! Wear glasses when you can’t see clearly? Then why don’t you have a meal and get a hanging needle? That is also the means to maintain life! The reason why people don’t do this is that they know to use hanging needles to maintain life, which basically wastes people. They can’t see clearly. Wearing glasses, they don’t realize that doing so will waste their eyes?!

eyes are just a normal organ of the human body. The healthy and normal function of organs lies in exercise!!

our traditional cognition of myopia can not explain the question of myopia. Should we use world problems to prevaricate the public’s question? Although social myopia is serious and will bring huge profits to this industry, are we relieved to earn benefits at the expense of our eye health?? This will harm not only customers, but also their own future generations?! For the vision health of our society, we need to put aside our prejudices and face the problem of myopia together. This is the accurate way to solve the problem of myopia. Our vision function will return to normal health. Although it will have an impact on some industries, it is inevitable that some benefits that should not be earned should not be earned!! [

Author: jiongheng

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