Can myopia cause depression?

As we all know, vision problems will bring inconvenience to life and work, but few people know that high myopia will also have a great impact on people’s psychology. What is the inextricably linked relationship between vision decline and mental illness?

Can myopia cause depression?

What mental disease can myopia cause?

  1. Prone to anxiety

On the surface of the study, there are more pessimists in high myopia, who are more likely to have negative emotions such as tension, anxiety and depression, and are prone to adverse reactions to certain events in life.

  1. Seasonal affective disorder

The incidence of seasonal affective disorder was 7.6% higher in people with vision problems than in normal people. Seasonal affective disorder refers to the repeated occurrence of anxiety, depression and other emotions at the same time every year. People with this kind of emotional disorder are prone to depression in winter and mild mania in summer.

  1. Cognitive impairment

Studies have shown that in the elderly, myopic patients are twice as likely to develop cognitive dysfunction as normal people. Hyperopia does not. This shows that myopia is a major cause of cognitive dysfunction.

If mild myopia develops into severe myopia, it may have adverse effects on mental health of adolescents, especially the potential risk of depression.

Therefore, we should pay attention to the mental health problems and seek the help of psychiatrists when necessary.

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