Can myopia cause floaters?

Does myopia cause floaters?

Floaters disease is caused by vitreous opacity, which is secondary and primary. Secondary diseases are mostly caused by fundus hemorrhage and other fundus diseases, and primary ones are mostly caused by vitreous liquefaction.

Can myopia cause floaters?

This phenomenon is mainly due to vitreous degeneration and turbidity, that is, some degenerative cells enter the vitreous body. If the shadow increases obviously in a short period of time, or if it is fixed in one direction and does not float, the vitreous body becomes more and more turbid, accompanied by abnormal feelings such as flash, and affects visual acuity, the pathological significance should be considered, especially the omen of retinal detachment, which should be checked in time.

In addition to the phenomenon of flying mosquitoes, there may be other visual abnormalities, such as visual distortion, double shadow, low vision (especially in those wearing high glasses), flash (retinal irritation caused by vitreous traction to the retina), discoloration, etc. The above manifestations are mainly seen in pathological myopia, generally very mild, intermittent. If the development is obvious, attention should be paid to the possibility of other complications.

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