Can myopia cause migraines?

Some patients can feel headache after myopia sometimes, what relation does myopia and headache have?

Why can eye fatigue feel headache?

Can myopia cause migraines?

Maybe a lot of people have such experience: “when playing video games or computers selflessly, you will unconsciously feel the weight of your head, and the pain will jump up and down “。

In fact, the doctor who sees a headache will say, “if you have a headache, please see if the glasses are correct.”. It can be seen that the relationship between eyes or glasses and headache is very deep.

The cause of headache is the optic nerve.

It is said that the optic nerve of a person concentrates from 1 million to 10 million nerve fibers. And more than 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual information, and 50% of the brain is processing visual information. So when the eyes receive more visual information and the brain can’t process it well, the burden on the brain will increase.

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