Can myopia caused by computers?

From a medical point of view, computers can cause myopia

1、 Eye fatigue. Whether we look at the computer or read a book for a long time, our eyes will be tired. As a result, the ciliary muscles continue to contract, leading to myopia.

2、 It’s the stimulation of computer blue light on retinal cells. This kind of stimulation itself can cause the apoptosis of visual cells, leading to the decline of vision, and this kind of stimulation makes the eyes feel more tired. Therefore, to protect the eyes, we must start from these two aspects.

Can myopia caused by computers?

How to maintain eyesight to prevent vision decline

To prevent myopia and maintain vision, the most important point is to reduce the adverse effects of visual load. Specifically, it is to avoid the time of one-time close vision should not be too long. If you use a computer or read a book for about an hour, you should leave the computer or put down the book to rest for 10 minutes, close your eyes and nourish your mind or look far away.

At the same time, we should take part in outdoor sports. Usually should guarantee sufficient sleep, not stay up late. In the diet should also pay attention to a balanced diet, not picky.

Prevention of computer eye injury

Mistake 1, radiation protection can protect the eyes

The concept of radiation protection is well known by businesses. In fact, the radiation of computers is very small, which does little harm to human body and eyes. The most obvious sign is that the eyes will still be sour, hot and even painful after using the computer.

Myth 2. UV protection can protect your eyes

Ultraviolet rays do cause damage to fundus cells, but the conjunctiva and crystals of the eye can block and absorb most of the ultraviolet light, and there is very little ultraviolet light that can really irradiate the fundus. Many glasses can filter ultraviolet light, but wearing these glasses with the computer, a little longer time, the eyes will still appear sour, hot and even pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. Therefore, anti ultraviolet glasses can not completely protect the eyes.

Error 3, dim the computer background light can reduce the harm to the eyes

Although dimming the computer background light can reduce the stimulation of bright light, it can not reduce the stimulation of blue light to the eyes. Therefore, if the time is a little longer, the eyes will still have various discomfort.

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