Can myopia lead to blindness? Misunderstanding about ophthalmology

Abstract: if myopia develops gradually, to high myopia, there will be a risk of blindness. Myopia is first manifested in the changes of the optic nerve. The eyeball elongates back and forth. With the progress of eyeball elongation, the retina will become thinner. High myopia can cause fundus hemorrhage or retinal detachment, and there is a risk of blindness.

  1. Children only need to wear glasses when they study.

many people have this question: “is it good for children to wear glasses only when they study?” If the vision of both left and right eyes is above 0.7, it will not cause too much inconvenience to study and work. You can use your eyes at close range without glasses. Vision below 0.7 or myopia above 300 degrees will be uncomfortable from far to near, which requires regular glasses. If the visual acuity of the left and right eyes is very different, it will cause binocular imbalance and easily lead to visual fatigue. Therefore, myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism with serious diopter difference between the two eyes should often wear appropriate glasses.

  2. Watching TV every day, the eyes will not be bad.


only a few children without myopia will not be myopia no matter how they watch TV. The vast majority of people are prone to myopia. If you watch TV all day, you can’t rest your eyes and become myopia. Therefore, in order not to suffer from myopia, we should take care of our eyes, rest, rest and use our eyes reasonably.

  3. The idea that myopia will not become presbyopia


and “myopia will not become presbyopia” is incorrect. People’s eyes need to focus when looking close. Presbyopia is that the function of close focus can not be carried out well. Myopia can also become presbyopia, that is, it is difficult to see near and show presbyopia when wearing glasses. It turns out that myopia is to take off your glasses and be able to see nearby objects clearly. “Suffering from myopia, you won’t get presbyopia” is certainly wrong.

4. Myopia will not lead to blindness

if myopia develops gradually and reaches high myopia, there will be a risk of blindness. Myopia is first manifested in the changes of the optic nerve. The eyeball elongates back and forth. With the progress of eyeball elongation, the retina will become thinner. High myopia can cause fundus hemorrhage or retinal detachment, and there is a risk of blindness.

5. There is no need to check the eyes of the middle-aged and elderly regularly.

do you know the adult diseases of the eyes? Cataract, glaucoma, retinal detachment and macular degeneration are adult diseases of eyes increased after the age of 40. If treatment is not timely, it will lead to blindness, which is a terrible disease. The key to treatment is early detection. From the age of 40, regular eye examination is necessary to prevent these diseases. Regular examinations of the eyes are indispensable for adults with high blood pressure and diabetes. Be sure to check your eyes regularly.

6. Slow response has nothing to do with the eyes

according to statistics, 20% of the elderly with slow response are due to the loss of sight. People see objects through the eyes, while judgment and understanding are through the brain. 80% of the information obtained by people is obtained by eyes. A bright eye and a bright heart make the brain react quickly. For your health in your old age, please pay attention to protect your eyes.

“7. The more you wear reading glasses, the longer the degree.

” wear reading glasses, the longer the degree will be, so don’t wear glasses. ” This idea is absolutely wrong. After the age of 40, everyone will become presbyopia, and the degree will increase with age, whether wearing glasses or not. When you feel that the words in the newspaper are blurred, you need to check, wear appropriate glasses and spend a comfortable and happy day.

8. Keep your eyes fixed. If you can see clearly, you don’t need to wear glasses.

normal vision is determined in 3 seconds, and so is the vision examination. Staring or squinting, vision can be improved by about 0.2-0.3! But that’s not true vision. When the words on the blackboard can’t be seen clearly immediately, they can’t keep up with the teacher’s explanation. Even if they can judge after staring, they move slowly and can’t make a quick judgment. Over time, it will cause visual fatigue.

9. True myopia can be restored through training.

“vision will be better and better!” Seeing such advertisements, do you know that true myopia will not recover. Fixation training can improve the sensitivity of retina and slightly improve vision, but it can not reduce myopia, and this vision is not lasting. For people with myopia, it is very important to wear appropriate glasses.

10. Last year, the eyes were blurred. The causes of blurred eyes were not only myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, but also other diseases. “Last year was old, there was no way”, ignored, as a result, the disease was found late, and the opportunity for treatment had been missed when paying attention. If you feel something is wrong, you should consult an ophthalmologist.

11. The elderly will suffer from cataract, regardless of it.

cataract refers to the state of cloudy lens in the eye. With age, they will have cataract symptoms more or less. However, there are many cataracts caused by systemic diseases or fundus diseases. Don’t ignore it. Go to the eye hospital.

12. It’s just that one eye has low vision. It doesn’t matter. The images of the left and right eyes of


are transmitted to the brain to form a three-dimensional image. However, when a blurred image is introduced into one eye, the overall impression is destroyed and the stereo image becomes blurred. In childhood, if you can’t get the correct visual stimulation and visual retardation, you will suffer from amblyopia. Adults correct and judge wrong images through the brain. Over time, it will lead to visual fatigue. Our eyes work together. Even if one eye has poor eyesight, we need to wear glasses or contact lenses for correction.

13. Glasses only need the right degree.

even if the degree of glasses is very accurate, the optical center deviation of glasses will also bring a burden to the eyes. Only when the following conditions are met can it be correctComfortable glasses.

a) the center of the glasses is consistent with the pupil; b) The angle of the lens is 12-13 degrees; c) The distance between the lens and the eye is 1.2 cm.

when the frame is too large and the nose support or glasses legs are not suitable for your face, the lens is not in the normal position, and the function of the glasses is reduced by half.

14. Hard shoulders or neck tendons have nothing to do with eyes.

eye fatigue is actually “brain fatigue”. When people look at things, they use their brain rather than just their eyes. Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, and overuse of the eyes all add to the burden on the brain. After brain fatigue, it will affect the central nervous system. The shoulder and neck tendons are hard, irritable and restless, and the symptoms of the whole body appear. If you have these symptoms now, be sure to have a detailed examination.

15. If color blindness is treated, it will be cured. Color blindness and color weakness of

are due to chromosomal abnormalities. At present, the medicine can not carry out chromosomal recombination. So it can’t be treated.

16. The ghost in front of you is astigmatism.

value the shadow, but the focus is not aligned. There are many reasons for inaccurate focus, and they are very complex. Myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia may also be related to eye fatigue at the beginning. Eye diseases should also consider whether they are diseases of the nervous system. Ghosting can also occur when you are extremely tired. So don’t always think it’s astigmatism. It’s very important to receive an ophthalmic examination first.

“17. Visual acuity is 0.8, which is pseudomyopia.

” visual acuity test is 0.8, which is pseudomyopia. ” Such mothers often come to the hospital for treatment. Through the examination, the doctor told his mother: “the visual acuity examination was 0.8, and the result of refractive examination was -1.0d. Pseudomyopia is not the early stage of myopia, but in the state of myopia for a time. You can’t judge whether it is true or false according to your eyesight. ”

18. Eye congestion gradually decreases and conjunctivitis has been cured. The basic manifestation of

conjunctivitis is conjunctival congestion. Decreased congestion indicates that the symptoms of conjunctivitis have been reduced, but it is not evidence of recovery. If the treatment is stopped, the condition may deteriorate further. If it becomes chronic, the treatment will become difficult. Especially epidemic keratoconjunctivitis, when the symptoms are reduced, it causes keratitis and low vision. It is very important that the inflammatory symptoms of conjunctiva disappear completely after treatment.

19. The more glasses you wear, the longer the degree of myopia.

many people lament that the more glasses you wear, the greater the degree of myopia. It should be said that a suitable pair of glasses will not increase the degree. The more you wear glasses, the greater the degree of myopia is because myopia is difficult to improve, and the incentives for the increase of myopia (such as excessive close eye use) still exist, resulting in the increase of degree.