Can near work cause myopia?

Myopia is one of the most common visual disorders in human beings. Its occurrence and development are affected by both environmental and genetic factors. Among the existing hypotheses of myopia, one of them is that excessive near work leads to axial growth.

Can near work cause myopia?

Since this theory is based on near work, whether accommodation and aggregation play an important role in the development of myopia has become the focus of research. When near vision work lasts for a period of time, the far point will temporarily move closer. This phenomenon is known as temporary myopia induced by close work. In other words, NITM is defined as the distant change similar to myopia induced by continuous near work.

At present, it is believed that the retinal defocus induced by NITM and its subsequent attenuation may stimulate a compensatory vitreous cavity growth, which may lead to the formation of myopia. Although the etiology of NITM is still unknown, NITM has aroused great interest due to its close relationship with myopia.

Near work is recognized as a risk factor of myopia, and it is related to the development of myopia. In addition to the total amount of near work, the duration of close work (> 45 minutes) and short reading distance (< 33cm) were also important risk factors for myopia.

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