Can ortho k cure myopia permanently?

What is orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology lens (ortho-k) is a kind of rigid contact lens with high oxygen permeability and special inverse geometry design. Only need to wear overnight, no need to wear glasses during the day, you can feel clear vision.

Can ortho k cure myopia permanently?

What is the principle of orthokeratology lens to correct myopia?

By wearing the orthokeratology lens designed in inverse geometry, the upper cortex of the anterior corneal surface (also some studies say that the stroma layer is changed) is redistributed due to the mechanical and hydrodynamic effects. The central corneal curvature becomes flat, while the central corneal curvature changes steeply, so as to correct myopia.

How does corneal plastic lens control myopia?

The unique design of orthokeratology lens makes the focus of the central optical area of the lens fall in the center of the retina, so that we can see the object clearly; however, the steep design of the inversion area makes the focus fall in front of the paracentral retina, forming myopic defocus. The mechanism that prevents the axial axis from being further elongated.

Can orthokeratology lens treat myopia thoroughly?

No. The effect of orthokeratology lens is reversible, and the effect of orthokeratology is also reversible. That is to say, when you stop wearing orthokeratology lenses to correct myopia, your cornea will slowly return to the state before wearing glasses. Your myopia will also reappear as the cornea returns.

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