Can pinhole glasses reverse myopia?

Pinhole glasses are products to prevent and treat myopia. They were made 20 years ago. There are still a lot of people using it. Pinhole lens has long been used in ophthalmology as an artificial pupil. There are two types of eyeglasses in the ophthalmic kit. One is 3 mm in diameter, which is close to the normal pupil size of normal people. One is one millimeter in diameter. Ophthalmologists use the former to understand the nature and degree of ametropia, and the latter to identify the causes of vision loss.

Can pinhole glasses reverse myopia?

Wearing eyeglasses can correct all kinds of poor vision caused by ametropia and abnormal accommodation, such as myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, etc. Wearing eyeglasses can relieve the fatigue, tension and spasm of the accommodation system of the eyes, so as to prevent and reverse myopia in teenagers.

The effect of pinhole eye on juvenile myopia before 18 years old is better. Adult correction effect is limited.

Pinhole glasses is a kind of special glasses with holes in the lens. It can block the useless reflected light around, so the target object can be clearly displayed. Ophthalmologists use it to check for ametropia.

Realistically, some people use this pinhole glasses to treat myopia, which is useless. Because it can only achieve the function of blocking useless reflected light around and improving vision temporarily, it has no effect on reverse myopia.

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